Miss M Mcmullan
Head of Year 9
Teacher of EFP

Miss Nuttall
Assistant Head of Year 9
Teacher of Technology

Mr W Wright
Teacher of PE

Mr D Humphreys
Teacher of Mathematics

Miss C Walker
Teacher of MFL

Mrs T Parker
Teacher of PE

Mr J Pollard
Viking Canute
Teacher of English

Mrs A Thomson
Viking Hadrada
Teacher of MFL

Mrs S Noble
Viking Hadrada
Head of Music

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Welcome to Year 9

Dear Parent/Carer

I am delighted to have gained the post of Head of Year 8 at Lincoln Castle Academy. It is my aim to support and encourage every student to aim high, dream big and reach their full potential. It has been my privilege to get to know many new faces over the past year and I have been greatly impressed with the attitude to learning shown by students throughout year 7, something which we must work together to maintain as we enter year 8.

Year 8 is a crucial time for any student at Lincoln Castle Academy as it marks the year that students make important decisions about their GCSE option choices, which commence in year 9. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that specialist advice, guidance, and time for careful consideration will be provided throughout the year, supporting your child in making the correct option choices for them. More information regarding 'Year 8 Options Evening' and 'GCSE taster sessions' will be provided as we progress through the year.

I am very proud of the year 8 Curriculum, which has been designed to enthuse, inspire and challenge our students. Skills such as reflection, evaluation and critical analysis will be developed, enabling students the gain the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to society and prepare them for the future. I invite you to take a look at our school website, where you will discover a wealth of useful information about the next chapter in your child's academic journey at the Academy.

At our Academy, we have worked hard to develop a wide range of enrichment activities, with the aim to cultivate students' wider interests and develop the whole student in terms of skills, experiences and character. Participation in an enrichment activity will help students gain additional skills that are held in high regard by many further education institutes and employers. We therefore recommend that all students take part in at least one enrichment activity so that they can ‘stand out from the crowd’ in any given situation. A copy of the enrichment timetable can be found on our school website.

Each form group is assigned a dedicated 'Form tutor' to work closely with students as they move through the Academy. They have daily contact with students and work to ensure that their social, emotional and academic needs are met. When necessary, they may contact you as parents/carers, and I would therefore ask that you make them your first port of call should you have any concerns or queries, so that students are supported appropriately.

I am honoured to have the chance to represent your son or daughter as we move into the new academic year and I am confident that we can all work together to achieve great things.

Miss M Mcmullan
Head of Year 8


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