Mr G Jones
Head of Year 9
Teacher of PE

Mrs A Hilton
Assistant Head of Year 9
Teacher of Technology

Mrs K Edwards
Head of History

Mr M Lunt
Head of Geography

Mrs J Daubney
Head of Science

Mrs A Hilton
Assistant Head of Year 9
Teacher of Science

Miss S Roberts
Joint Head of English

Miss S Winfield
2 i/c Science
Teacher of Science

Miss S Kettlewell
Teacher of English

Mrs N Desmond
Teacher of English

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Welcome to Year 9

Dear Parent/Carer

I am delighted to represent the Year 9 students at Lincoln Castle Academy as their Head of Year. I would also like to welcome Mrs Nuttall, who is excited to join the Year 9 team as Assistant Head of Year. Myself and Mrs Nuttall have been greatly impressed with the attitude to learning shown by students within Year 9. I am so proud of the level of determination, resilience and kindness shown by students within the year group and I am excited to see student’s confidence and self-belief grow even further throughout year 9.

This is an exciting time for students as they begin to study their selected GCSE option choices. Myself, Mrs Nuttall, Year 9 form tutors and of course classroom teachers are committed to supporting and encouraging students to aim high, dream big and reach their full potential as they look towards their future.

I am very proud of the year 9 Curriculum, which has been designed to enthuse, inspire and challenge our students. Skills such as reflection, evaluation and critical analysis will be developed, enabling students the gain the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to society and prepare them for the future. I invite you to take a look at our school website, where you will discover a wealth of useful information about the next chapter in your child's academic journey at the Academy.

Each form group is assigned a dedicated 'Form tutor' to work closely with students as they move through the Academy. They have daily contact with students and work to ensure that their social, emotional and academic needs are met. When necessary, they may contact you as parents/carers, and I would therefore ask that you make them your first port of call should you have any concerns or queries, so that students are supported appropriately.

I am enthused at the prospect of seeing all students reach their full potential, enjoy their academic journey and flourish over the next academic year.

Miss M Mcmullan
Head of Year 9