Year 9 Engineering Students Get Casting

Year 9 students Tom Campbell and Kacper Borkowski were very proud of their first metal casting experience. They used pewter which has a low melting temperature and followed a traditional manufacturing method of casting metal.

Pewter is a versatile metal alloy (a mix of tin, copper and antimony) that can be moulded in a cast quite easily. Moulds can be intricate and complex, and some designs might even use a number of moulds for the final piece. Most modern moulds are made of silicon rubber, a bit like the ones used in baking!

The alloy components are cut into strips and melted at around 350°C then poured into the mould. Once it's cooled the mould is removed and any lumps or bumps can be removed or polished out. The piece can also be engraved with a chisel for fine patterns.


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