Year 8

Welcome to Year 8

Hello and a warm welcome back to Lincoln Castle Academy.  I hope that you had a good summer holiday and that you are looking forward to a new start in this important phase of your education.

Your form mentors and I are very proud to be working with you and are excited about helping you to fulfil our school motto and Be Your Best Self.  We are determined that each and every one of you will take the opportunities put your way to participate in the whole of school life. This means taking part in clubs, house events, sports day, trips and visits and charity days, representing, yourself, me, your mentor, your house and our year group in a positive way.

As students of the academy, I expect that you will take pride in your uniform and in wearing it, realise that you are representing the academy. This means you need to conduct yourself in a proper manner inside school; on trips and visits, as well as on your journey to and from school. It is essential that you are properly organised at all times, this means having your passport and writing equipment (including a spare) everyday. These things mean you will make the best impression in all lessons, every lesson. In your lessons and homework, you should work to the best of your ability, taking time and care over content and presentation to produce something you can be proud of.

Year 8 represent one of the many teams you will be part of across the Academy. We need to work together to show how wonderful we truly are and ensure we all have fun. I urge you to do your best, take pride in your work, support your peers, and be a positive person at all times. In this I urge you to act as positive role models to the new year 7 students ; remember you were in their position not so long ago and they too will need to guidance and nurturing to become positive ambassadors for the Academy.

Finally, punctuality is important; attending registration is vital for you to receive messages allowing you to get involved, allows communication so we understand any issues you need support with and helps you to feel belonging to your house team and mentor group. Make sure you are here on time with this passport ready to stay organised and make a record of all the wonderful things you can and do take part in.

Miss S Winfield
Head of Year 8

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Year 8 Letters

Please contact the School Office if you require a pre-printed copy. These are available free of charge.

Year 8

Message from the Headteacher

This is a crucial time in your school life; an important crossroads which requires specialist advice and careful consideration to ensure that the right choices are made. It is also an exciting time. Key Stage 4 offers greater choices, bigger challenges and is a time of remarkable change.

As you mature into a young adult, we will support you to achieve your potential and become your best possible self. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge you, whilst also ensuring you develop skills such as team work, reflection, evaluation and study skills. Whether your end goal is university, apprenticeship or employment, we have a long established record of equipping students with the qualities necessary to fulfil their ambitions and make a worthwhile contribution to society.

We are proud of our academy and the reputation it has in preparing students for the future but we are also proud of you. Your attitude to learning, humour and your wonderful spirited outlook on life result in a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors to LCA regularly comment on the friendly community feel we have. Working alongside your parents/ carers, we now look forward to developing your talents further as you embark on this thrilling time in your education.

Mrs L Laming



The Process

Dear Parents and Students

This booklet has been produced to help your son/daughter make some very important choices at this crucial stage of their educational career. This will be the first of many choices that they will have to make during the course of their educational development. Making decisions as to which subjects they take next year provides a fantastic opportunity to take ownership of the learning pathway that they will follow.

Students will need some help and guidance when deciding the most suitable curriculum that will help them achieve their greatest potential. The role which you, play as parents is vital in supporting your child; we ask that you take some time to discuss choices and aspirations with your child. Advice will also come from the academy as well. This will be both formal and informal discussions with your child’s form tutor, subject leaders and also the school’s careers advisor.

The learning modules that we offer include some element of choice and ensures that all students follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong academic core; we are very proud of our curriculum.

Should you require further advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact me at Lincoln Castle Academy via telephone or e-mail via our Contact Form.

Yours sincerely

Mrs T Wiles

Deputy Headteacher


Information for Parents

Lincoln Castle Academy is different to many other schools. We feel that students are ready to begin GCSE studies earlier than Year 10, providing them with longer to achieve excellent qualifications. As a result of this, we ask students in Year 8 to make their GCSE choices which actually begin in Year 9. We know that our current year 8 students are ready for the challenge!

The curriculum offer for your son/daughter for their KS4 education is both broad and balanced.

Our three year Key Stage 4 curriculum is divided into 6 modules of learning.

All students must study the following learning modules in Year 9: Core 1, Core 2 - Enterprise and Core 3 - Character.

Students then have an element of choice alongside professional judgement across three further options.

It is really important that your child makes the choices that are right for them and does not simply do what their friend does. Your child will be asked to make one reserve option choice in case we

cannot accommodate them in a particular subject. Please think carefully about this reserve choice as it must be one they are happy to study.

In order to maintain a strong academic core which inevitably improves further study and career opportunities, it is mandatory that at least one choice made must consist of either:

French, Spanish, History or Geography.

Therefore, whilst students do get three ‘free’ choices, in reality one is a choice between four subjects.

Documents and Subject Sheets


This is the Curriculum Guide for Year 8:

If you require a free printed copy, please contact the School Office.

Our Ethos and Values

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence

The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship

Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition