Year 7

Mrs C Grant
Head of Year 7 & Transition
Teacher of Art

Mr G Drury
Celt Parisi
Teacher of Science

Mrs E Thompson
Celt Iceni / Head of Celt
Teacher of Maths

Mr D Humphreys
Teacher of Maths

Miss H Sevilla Terrasa
Teacher of MFL

Mrs K Croft
Teacher of English

Mr J Pollard
Viking Canute
Teacher of PE & Geography

Mrs A Thomson
Viking Hardrada
Teacher of MFL

Mrs C Palazzo
Viking Hardrada
Teacher of MFL

Welcome to Year 7

It is very important that students make a smooth and happy transition to Lincoln Castle Academy. Settling into a routine and developing good working habits supported by family, friends and staff helps to form the foundation on which future success is built.

We value the close links that we have with our primary feeder schools. We talk to the teachers and welcome their advice when placing students in mixed ability form groups. Where possible, students are placed with someone they know, with extra support provided for those with additional needs.

Parents are asked to sign a Home / School Agreement; we know that success at Lincoln Castle Academy is the result of the partnership between home and school. Parents can support our aims by monitoring their child's work and attitude from home and by keeping in touch through the child's Form Tutor.

We look forward to meeting you and your child beginning a friendly and successful partnership between you and the staff at Lincoln Castle Academy.

Mrs C Grant,

Head of Year 7 and Transition


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Updated March 2019