Mr G Jones
Head of Year 11
Teacher of PE

Mrs N Taylor
Assistant Head of Year 11
Head of Roman
Teacher of Humanities

Mr R Smith
Head of Design & Technology

Mrs N Ali
Celt Icene
Teacher of Business & Enterprise

Mrs K King (P/T)
Norman Hastings
2 i/c of Business & Enterprise

Mr N Brown
Head of MFL

Mrs C Smith
Head of Drama

Mrs R Bates
Cover Supervisor

Miss A Dooley
Norman Bayeux
Head of PE

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Welcome to Year 11

I am immensely proud to be responsible for Year 11, as this year is the culmination of your education so far. Year 11 is about achieving your full potential on the learning pathway that you chose, and a year which will lay the foundation for your future career aspirations. You are responsible for the direction your education now takes, so it is up to you to ensure that you commit to your studies fully and strive to achieve your target grades. This will be the most important year in your educational career to date.

To achieve this there are several traits you should develop until you take your exams.

Firstly, resilience is important as it is not going to be a smooth ride to the end of your studies. There will be obstacles and pressure points along the way. You need resilience to pick yourself up and continue to strive to achieve your potential.

Secondly, you will need courage to take risks and push pastĀ  your comfort zone and try new things. This may include new experiences in or out of the Academy or even getting involved in a lesson in a way you may not have done previously.

Thirdly, take pride in yourself and your community. You are a student of Lincoln Castle Academy and wear a uniform that identifies you as such. Take pride in your appearance, and wear your uniform in a manner suitable and appropriate.

Finally there is organisation. You will be bombarded with dates and times of exams, controlled assessments and coursework. The study file is a vital tool to help you with this. Use it as it is meant to be used, record these dates and times and ensure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

I wish you all the luck for this year and relish the challenge ahead.

Mr G Jones
Head of Year 11

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