Miss M McMullan
Head of Year 10
Teacher of Ethics, Faith & Philosophy

Miss S Nuttall
Assistant Head of Year 10
Teacher of Technology

Mr W Wright
Teacher of PE

Mr D Humphreys
Teacher of Mathematics

Miss C Walker
Teacher of MFL

Mrs T Parker
Teacher of PE

Mr J Pollard
Teacher of English

Mrs A Thomson
Teacher of MFL

Mrs S Noble
Head of Music

Mrs S Turner
Teacher of Health & Social Care

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Welcome to Year 10

Dear Parent / Carer

I am honoured to have gained the position as Head of Year 10 at Lincoln Castle Academy, especially at the start of such an important academic year. I look forward to supporting both you and your child throughout the year to come.

The journey through Year 10 can be challenging; an increase in independent learning, exam structure, deadlines increase as the workload grows. It can be a stressful and challenging year, but rest assured, as a pastoral team, we are vastly experienced in supporting young people through this journey. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance, so they can support your child as early as possible.

It is crucial that pupils start investing greater time outside of the school hours to their studies. With a number of courses now being assessed at the end of Year 11, rather than a modular approach, it is important that the pupils adopt a good revision routine as soon as possible. This will enable them to become more confident in their knowledge and understanding of the subjects they are studying.

To ensure that your child is fully supported and prepared for their exams, they will have the opportunity to use tutor time to do revision for their different subjects. This will be in place, closer to the exam season. This initiative is aimed at maximising the opportunities pupils have to study and gain support from their teachers and peers. Tutors will also be delivering sessions in tutor time, which will focus on revision tips and techniques to help pupils to identify which method best suites their learning.

As Head of Year, I am excited about the year ahead and am confident pupils have the correct environment in order to thrive and achieve their full potential. However, it is vital that we don’t under estimate the hard work needed to be successful and that all parties work collectively to support our pupils along the way.

Mr S Smith
Head of Year 10

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