Trust and Governors


All Academies in England operate under the legal ownership of a Trust, rather than the local Educational Authority. Ermine Primary Academy and Lincoln Castle Academy have now joined the Healing Multi Academy Trust which now collectively provide education for children from three to eighteen years and are supportive in all areas of their respective responsibilities.  All Governors are appointed by Lincoln Castle's Governing Body.

Healing Multi Academy Trust CEO: Ms J Nolan

The trust is funded directly from the Department for Education.
Contact details: please use the LCA address to contact:

Clerk to the Governors, Ms D Andrews;
Lincoln Castle Academy, Riseholme Road, Lincoln LN1 3SP.

The Governors currently include:

Mrs L Laming, Headteacher at LCA, Ex-Officio Governor, also reports to the Finance, Health and Safety, Human Resources & Effectiveness Committee (LCA) (no voting rights).
Miss D Brown, Governor, Local Governing Body, Effectiveness Committees (LCA).

Mrs K O'Reilly, HR Manager, also reports to the Human Resources Committee.
Mr M Straw, Secondary Phase Business Partner, also reports to the Finance and Health and Safety Committee.
Mrs T Wiles, Deputy Headteacher at LCA, also reports to the Local Governing Body and Effectiveness Committee (LCA).

Link Governors
Mrs H Spencer - Safeguarding, Mr S Fleming - SEND (LCA), Mr S Wilson - Pupil Premium

Associate Governor
Mr M Connor - Local Governing Body, Effectiveness Committee (LCA), Finance, Health & Safety and Human Resources (no voting rights).

The Finance, Health & Safety and Human Resources Committees will be responsible for:

The Finance, Health and Safety Committee has been established to ensure the financial stability of individual schools and to ensure that each School’s premises and buildings provides a safe environment for pupils and staff.


The committee provides financial oversight for the school and is responsible for budget setting, budget planning, financial reporting, monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies and best value.

The committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the Trust. The committee also reviews the school’s financial performance against its goals and proposes major transactions and programmes to the Local Governing Body and the Trust Board.

Health and Safety:

The committee ensures that the School provides an environment that is safe and conducive to highly effective teaching and learning.  The committee is responsible for the implementation of the Trust health and safety policies and related school policies and procedures. The committee reviews the Trust’s premises and ensures compliance with the external H&S consultant appointed by the Trust.

Terms of reference:

  • Draft the first formal budget plan of the financial year In consultation with the Headteacher
  • Approve the first formal draft budget plan of the financial year and present to the Trust Board for approval
  • Establish and maintain a 3-year financial plan
  • Consider a budget position statement including virement decisions at least termly and to report significant anomalies from the anticipated position to the Local Governing Body
  • Ensure that the school operates within Financial Regulations
  • Monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the Trustees. Maintain proper accounts showing the receipt and use of voluntary funds
  • Annually review charges and remissions and expenses
  • Make decisions in respect of service level agreements
  • Make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees
  • Ensure, as far as is practical, that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised
  • Ensure that the school complies with all recommendations from the external H&S consultant
  • Determine whether sufficient funds are available for pay increments for all staff as recommended by the Headteacher
  • Advise the Trustees on priorities for the maintenance and development of all schools premises including use by outside users in line with Health and Safety Procedures
  • Oversee arrangements for repairs and maintenance
  • Oversee premises-related funding bids in consultation with the Headteacher and CEO
  • Establish and keep under review the Accessibility Plan
  • Monitor, as agreed with the Trust, and report deficiencies
  • The agenda for Committee meetings shall be determined by the Chair of the Committee in consultation with other members of the Committee as appropriate and shall wherever possible be circulated in advance to persons attending the meeting.

HR Committee

The HR Committee will ensure that the school is staffed sufficiently for the fulfilment of the School‘s Improvement  Plan and the effective operation of the school.  The HR Committee will deal with all matters concerning pay, discipline, capability, grievance or any other employee related issues.  The Committee will closely monitor performance of employees and consider any recommendation for annual salary awards linked to performance.

Terms of Reference:

  • Draft and keep under review the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher
  • Ensure the school follows the Trust’s Salary scales for all categories of staff and to be responsible for its administration and review
  • Oversee the appointment procedure for all staff (or delegate to the Headteacher)
  • Make any determination to dismiss any member of staff (unless delegated to the Headteacher)
  • Make any decisions under the Trust HR procedures e.g. disciplinary, grievance, capability
  • Make any decisions relating to any member of staff, under the Trust HR procedures e.g. disciplinary, grievance and capability (unless delegated to the Headteacher)
  • Undertake hearings in respect to staffing issues, for example discipline, grievance, capability etc.
  • Undertake staff reductions as required through redundancy proceedings
  • Consider the cases of individuals through sickness, grievance, discipline or capability proceedings
  • Consider any formal request linked to pay, grading or pay awards
  • Keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence
  • Establish the annual and longer-term budgets and other costs relating to HR, e.g. training
  • Operate the annual Performance Management review process in line with the agreed policy
  • Consider the annual Performance Management reviews of staff (except the headteacher) and make decisions upon salary progression as part of the annual review of salaries
  • The agenda for Committee meetings shall be determined by the Chair of the Committee in consultation with other members of the Committee as appropriate and shall wherever possible be circulated in advance to persons attending the meeting

Members of both Finance, Health and Safety and Human Resources Committees

Name Position
Mr P Dubut Local Governor of Finance, Health & Safety and HR Committees
Mr S Wilson Chairman of Finance, Health & Safety Committee and member of the HR Committee
Mrs H Spencer Chairman of Human Resources Committee and member of the Finance, Health & Safety Committee
Mrs L Laming Headteacher LCA
Mr C Rawding Chair of Governors
Mr M Connor Associate Governor of Finance, Health & Safety and HR Committees (no voting rights)

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Also reporting to the committees are:

  • Mr M Straw, Secondary Phase Business Partner
  • Mrs K O’Reilly, HR Officer

The Effectiveness Committee will be responsible for:

The Effectiveness Committee will ensure the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum in line with National legislation and expectations.  The Committee will scrutinise standards within the school and ensure outcomes for pupils are maximised.  The Effectiveness Committee will ensure the school has an effective School Improvement Plan and monitor progress towards agreed targets.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Review, monitor and evaluate the school’s curriculum offer
  2. Recommend for approval to the Full Governing Body the:
  • Self-Evaluation Form (SEF)
  • School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Targets for school improvement
  1. Develop and review school policies identified within the school’s policy review programme and in accordance with its delegated powers (e.g. sex education and pupil behaviour/discipline)
  2. Ensure that the requirements of children with special needs are met, as laid out in the Code of Practice, and receive termly reports from the Headteacher/SENDCO and an annual report from the SEN governor
  3. Ensure the requirements to Safeguard all pupils are met in line with National expectations and to receive an annual report from the Safeguarding governor
  4. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of leadership and management through annual self-evaluation of the work of the LGB
  5. Monitor and evaluate the impact of the quality of teaching on pupil progress and attainment
  6. Monitor and evaluate progress and attainment of all pupils and pupil groups (e.g. gender, disadvantaged, SEN) identifying areas of underachievement
  7. Interrogate the data and, as appropriate, challenge the leadership, on any areas of underperformance relating to the key performance indications using both internal and national indicators
  8. Monitor and evaluate the robustness of the tracking systems and the data it produces, correlating it  against any external verification available
  9. Monitor and evaluate the impact of intervention strategies used to address identified areas  of underperformance ( prior ability groups,  FSM , EAL, LAC, gender, SEN) in order to diminish the differences
  10. Receive reports from subject/ faculty/ phase leads and challenge them on the individual areas of underperformance
  11. Consider the implications for the overall curriculum in light of timetabling and physical resources   available and any issues identified
  12. Report to the Local Governing Body on the extent to which they can be assured of the robustness of the internal tracking and monitoring processes in school
  13. Highlight and celebrate the successes of the school
  14. The agenda for meetings shall be determined by the Chair of the Committee in consultation with other members of the Local Governing Body as appropriate and shall wherever possible be circulated in advance to persons attending the meeting.


Name Position
Professor S Fleming Chair of Effectiveness Committee (LCA)
Mrs H Spencer Effectiveness Committee (LCA)
Mr S Wilson Effectiveness Committee (LCA)
Miss D Brown Effectiveness Committee (LCA)
Mr C Rawding Effectiveness Committee (LCA)
Mrs L Laming Effectiveness Committee (LCA)
Mr M Connor Effectiveness Committee (LCA) (no voting rights)

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Also reporting to the Committees (on a regular basis) are:

  • Mrs T Wiles, Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum (LCA)
  • Mrs K Ramsay, Assistant Headteacher, Pupil Premium (LCA)
  • Miss C May, Assistant Headteacher, Quality Assurance (LCA)
  • Mrs G Grant, Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour (LCA)
  • Mr C Davison, Assistant Headteacher, CPL (LCA)

Pen Profiles

Chair of Governors - Mr Charles Rawding

I taught at Lincoln Castle Academy ( Yarborough School ) from 1971 to 2000 during that period I became Deputy Headteacher for some 15 years and also Acting Headteacher for 18 months 1998/99. It was a family school for me with my wife Lesley teaching there and both my sons attending before going off to university.

After leaving in 2000 I continued in a part time education role but mainly for 7 years worked as a Tour Manager for Great Rail Journeys. A career which literally took me all over the world.

From 2008 to 2012 I was a School Governor at Hartsholme Primary School in Lincoln. I am a member of Witham U3A and have 3 grandchildren who keep Lesley and I busy and yes maybe "young" as well.

Vice Chair (legal) - Mr Philip Dubut

Philip has been a School Governor since 2008 and has previously been a Director of the Academy of Lincoln Trust.  Philip has a close connection with the school, his own daughter, Faye having attended Lincoln Castle Academy and now a member of staff.

Chair of HR Committee - Mrs Hannah Spencer

Managing Director and a shareholder of the LAGAT Group, having worked at LAGAT for 30 years.  Fully involved in teaching and learning at LAGAT College and other organisations such as colleges, schools and learning providers.

I have been a Governor for over 18 years and a Chair of Governors for 8 years.  I participate with local businesses and the voluntary sector organisations by being a Council Member for our local Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the Federation of Small Businesses.  I am a Board member and Trustee of a local charity called LEAP which helps and supports young homeless individuals and have been on that board for 20 years.

Chair of Effectiveness Committee - Professor Scott Fleming

Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Bishop Grosseteste University. Originally from Kidderminster, he trained as a PE teacher and has worked at the Universities of Brighton and Gloucestershire, as well as, most recently, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Scott and his wife moved from south Wales to Lincoln in April 2018. They have three grown-up sons (two of whom are teachers).

Chair of Finance and Health & Safety - Mr Simon Wilson

I am a proud Yellow Belly and previously a student here, many years ago!

I'm married with three children ranging from four to eighteen. I gained my professional qualifications in Financial Services and started my own business some 25 years ago.
I am an advocate of good education and teaching students the skills they need to further their careers.

Governor - Miss Diane Brown

I have lived locally all of my life and have enjoyed being part of the community. I attended Yarborough School as did both my children and I fully support Lincoln Castle Academy and their passion for creating the best possible opportunities for their pupils.

I work at Ermine Primary Academy and it is a pleasure to see pupils progress through their education from Primary education and into Secondary.

I have been a Governor since November 2007 and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved with the pupils, staff and parents of this Academy.

Ex-Officio - Mrs Louise Laming

I became Headteacher of Lincoln Castle Academy in September 2014, having worked at the school since 2002. I am passionate about the importance of education as a means of providing children with choices. I often use the analogy of a room full of open doors to help Year 7 students visualise what a good education, coupled with hard work and determination can provide. Whilst I didn’t attend Yarborough School, I do have a special connection that dates back to 1971 as my father was one of the team of builders who constructed the school.

My teaching career began in 1998 as a teacher of English and Drama in a girls’ grammar school. During my career I have taken on a range of leadership roles, first when co-ordinating a whole school approach to literacy and later as a member of the senior team. Whilst children are children wherever you travel, I believe there is something very special about the students at Lincoln Castle Academy who are an endless source of joy.

I am very fortunate to have two young children who ensure that I make time for trampolining and play-doh at the weekends and keep me balanced! As a former Head of English, I am passionate about reading and culture and enjoy running in my free time.

Clerk to the Governors - Ms Dawn Andrews

I started working at Yarborough School, now Lincoln Castle Academy in January 2005 following a 25 year career in accountancy within the motor industry. I made the transition from accountancy into school life when my own children were starting infant school, allowing me to spend valuable time with them during the school holidays.

I have a wide and varied role as Office Manager, Marketing Support, Clerk to the Governing Body. During the sixteen years working at Lincoln Castle Academy I have acquired a huge amount of knowledge regarding the running of the school, pupil progress/attainment and welfare of students. I thoroughly relish within my role dealing with staff, students and parents. I enjoy working with and offering support to our Governors, all of whom come from a wide career spectrum, providing their expertise and guidance to the Academy.

For information about the Healing Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors, click here