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All Academies in England operate under the legal ownership of a Trust, rather than the local Educational Authority. Ermine Primary Academy has now been admitted to the Academy of Lincoln Trust and joins Lincoln Castle Academy as the second of the Trust’s schools which now collectively provide education for children from three to eighteen years and are supportive of each other in all areas of their respective responsibilities.

The trust is funded directly from the Department for Education and is managed by a Board of Directors. Lincoln Castle Academy and Ermine Primary Academy are wholly owned by “The Academy of Lincoln Trust”.

Contact details: please use the LCA address to contact:

Clerk to the Trust & Governors, Ms D Andrews;
Lincoln Castle Academy, Riseholme Road, Lincoln LN1 3SP.

The Trust’s directors currently include:

Mr Mark Straw, Trust Business Manager, also reports to the Finance & HR Committee.
Mrs Bev Cranston, HR Manager at LCA, also reports to the Finance & HR Committee.
Mrs Louise Laming, Headteacher at LCA, also reports to the Finance & HR Committee.
Mr David Manby, Headteacher at EPA, also reports to the Finance & HR Committee.

Mr Dave Evans, Deputy Headteacher at LCA, also reports to the Education & Standards Committee.
Mrs Tanya Wiles, Deputy Headteacher at LCA, also reports to the Education & Standards Committee.
Mrs Louise Laming, Headteacher at LCA, also reports to the Education & Standards Committee.
Mr David Manby, Headteacher at EPA, also reports to the Education & Standards Committee.

Mr R Mawer resigned as a Trust Governor on 04/02/19
Mrs L Laming resigned as a Trust Director on 03/10/18

Mrs J Richards resigned as a Trust Director on 03/10/18
Mr M Johnson resigned as a Trust Director on 27/09/18
Mr R Adams resigned as a Trustee on 18/09/18
Fr S Hoy resigned as a Trust Governor on 06/06/18
Mrs S Czabaniuk resigned as a Trust Governor on 03/05/19
Mr J Farr resigned as an LCA Governor on 24-06-19

The number of trustees may increase in the future, as appropriate with current needs. Sitting beneath the Academy of Lincoln Trust is Lincoln Castle Academy; its governors (formerly the Yarborough School Board of Governors, and Ermine Primary School Board of Governors) remain as the Local Governing Body.

The Finance and Human Resources Committee will be responsible for:

  • Budgets, accounting and financial control procedures, debt collection, banking arrangements
  • Employment legislation; staffing structures, recruitment and salary levels; performance management of staff
  • The effectiveness of leadership at all levels in the academies
  • Monitoring major premises projects, overseeing developments; fundraising; the financial and operational efficiency of the Trust Procurement and effective use of services
  • The adequacy and effectiveness of the Trust’s systems of internal control and its arrangements for risk management and governance processes
  • Oversight of all aspects of the work of the internal audit service and the external auditor
  • Performance management systems
  • Review and advise on any areas that require financial and other areas that require legal compliance
  • Relevant policy development and recommendation to the trust.


Also reporting to the committee (on a regular basis) are:

  • Mr M Straw, Trust Business Manager, LCA
  • Mrs B Cranston, HR Manager
  • Mrs S Spence, Finance Manager, EPA

The Education & Standards Committee will be responsible for:

  • The academies’ performance; reviewing national test results, and internal assessments of attainment and progress
  • Self-evaluation and ensuring the academies are “Ofsted-ready”
  • Agreeing each academy’s development plan that would enable it to achieve, where relevant, the targets set in the Trust’s development plan
  • The interpretation of the Trust’s vision into the curriculum and teaching
  • The quality of teaching and its link to pupils’ progress
  • Effective provision of the curriculum, including the promotion of values of tolerance and democracy, and curriculum development
  • Oversight of policies child protection and safeguarding and all pastoral matters to ensure statutory requirements are met
  • Use of educational technology, ensuring latest developments are considered
  • Relevant policy development and recommendation to the trust.


Also reporting to the committee (on a regular basis) are:

  • Mr D Evans, Deputy Headteacher, LCA
  • Mrs T Wiles, Deputy Headteacher, LCA

Retired / Resigned Governors

David Dubut - served for more than 20 years, resigned November 2018.
Zoe Innes - served for 2 years, resigned October 2018.
Mike Johnson - served for 3 years, resigned September 2018.
Sonia Rossington - served for 4 years, resigned January 2018.
Phillippe Serna - served for 2 years, resigned July 2017.
Linda Leyland - served for 2 years, resigned December 2016.

Pen Profiles

Chairman - Mrs Hannah Spencer

Managing Director and a shareholder of the LAGAT Group, having worked with LAGAT for 25 years. Fully involved in work based learning at LAGAT and other organisations from learning providers, colleges, schools and the voluntary sector. As well as the lead person in LAGAT I am the Vice Chairman for all learning providers and colleges for Lincolnshire through the work based academy which is an association of work based learning providers. I have held this role for more than 10 years.

I am the Chair of Governors at one of the largest secondary schools in Lincoln and have been a Governor for more than 15 years.

I participate with local business and the voluntary sector organisations by being a Council Member for our local Chamber of Commerce. I also sit on the Business Development Committee of the Chamber to identify and serve the Chamber Members’ needs.

I have been a Board member and Trustee of a local charity called LEAP which helps and supports young homeless individuals and have been on that board for 20 years.

As well as the above voluntary work I do serve as a magistrate for Lincolnshire, I have been a magistrate for 22 years. I am married with two grown up children and enjoy reading, sight seeing and being a supportive grandmother to our two grandchildren.

Governor - Mr Philip Dubut

Philip has been a governor since 2008 and is also has been a director of the Academy of Lincoln Trust and has a close connection with the school with his own daughter having attended Lincoln Castle Academy.

Philip works in the legal profession and is employed by a local firm of solicitors dealing with family and civil matters.

Philip is also a director of the West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service.

Governor - Mr Simon Wilson

I am a proud Yellow Belly and previously a student here, many years ago!

I'm married with three children ranging from four to eighteen. I gained my professional qualifications in Financial Services and started my own business some 25 years ago.
I am an advocate of good education and teaching students the skills they need to further their careers.

Governor - Miss Dianne Brown

I have lived locally all of my life and have enjoyed being part of the community. I attended Yarborough School as did both my children and I fully support Lincoln Castle Academy and their passion for creating the best possible opportunities for their pupils.

I work at Ermine Primary Academy and it is a pleasure to see pupils progress through their education from Primary education and into Secondary.

I have been a Governor since November 2007 and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved with the pupils, staff and parents of this Academy.

Ex-Officio - Mrs Louise Laming

I became Headteacher of Lincoln Castle Academy in September 2014, having worked at the school since 2002. I am passionate about the importance of education as a means of providing children with choices. I often use the analogy of a room full of open doors to help Year 7 students visualise what a good education, coupled with hard work and determination can provide. Whilst I didn’t attend Yarborough School, I do have a special connection that dates back to 1971 as my father was one of the team of builders who constructed the school.

My teaching career began in 1998 as a teacher of English and Drama in a girls’ grammar school. During my career I have taken on a range of leadership roles, first when co-ordinating a whole school approach to literacy and later as a member of the senior team. Whilst children are children wherever you travel, I believe there is something very special about the students at Lincoln Castle Academy who are an endless source of joy.

I am very fortunate to have two young children who ensure that I make time for trampolining and play-doh at the weekends and keep me balanced! As a former Head of English, I am passionate about reading and culture and enjoy running in my free time.

Clerk to the Governors - Ms Dawn Andrews

I started working at Yarborough School, now Lincoln Castle Academy in January 2005 following a 25 year career in accountancy within the motor industry. I made the transition from accountancy into school life when my own children were starting infant school, allowing me to spend valuable time with them during the school holidays.

I have a wide and varied role as Office Manager, Marketing Support, Clerk to the Governing Body and Company Secretary for the Academy of Lincoln Trust. During the ten years working at Lincoln Castle Academy I have acquired a huge amount of knowledge regarding the running of the school, pupil progress/attainment and welfare of students. I thoroughly relish within my role dealing with staff, students and parents. I enjoy working with and offering support to our Governors and Directors, all of whom come from a wide career spectrum, providing their expertise and guidance to the Academy.

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