Students Break the Language Barrier

Mrs Laming recently set a challenge: say "hello" in 19 languages. Not any 19, but those spoken as a native tongue by students from Lincoln Castle Academy. Proof we really are a diverse multicultural school!

Hundreds of students from all year groups picked up the challenge, but two exceptional girls were able to recite all 19 languages within days of the challenge being set! Here are their stories:

I am Marina Kotsa, 17 years old from Athens, Greece. I have moved in England to Lincoln in August, having experienced something really different, surrounding by people with different mentalities but of course this is the whole point. I really enjoying it being in a school with such a cultural diversity and has stimulated me to learn even more things about different cultures. Here in England to know more than one language is something that I have taken for granted due to the fact that in my home country everyone knows how to speak different languages.

I already know how to speak fluently Greek, Albanian and English, and basic Italian and German. Now I am learning Spanish in the school in sixth form as it gave me such a chance. For me to learn new languages seems easy and I am so glad that I have this opportunity. However my ambitions for the future is not to become a linguist but to be in the entire world of business as I find it really fascinating.

I hope to study economics here in England and then to move to my favourite city New York, America.

Maria won the challenge; her reward was a fully multicultural meal for her tutor group - pizza!

My name is Agnieszka Pabich and I was born in Poland. Despite this, I am half Ukrainian because of my mother's nationality.

My journey with languages started before I could even speak. As my mum’s side of the family could barely speak Polish and my dad’s family couldn't speak Ukrainian at all, I had to learn both of the languages. When I was 4, my parents split up so I moved to Ukraine along with my mother, where I lived for the next 8 years.

In Ukraine I had a chance to learn fluent Ukrainian and completely forget Polish as it was the language that I did not use. Along with Ukrainian, I also learned Russian. The first time I went to visit Poland was 2011, even though I was there only for a week, I came home with not fluent but basics of another language in my head.

In 2014 I went to England and was supposed to stay here for a few months, but it turns out I am still here. When I came to this school, I only knew the basics of English, although I didn't speak to people as I was ashamed of my accent. I also picked Spanish as one of my GCSE options, so now I'm studying this and doing my exams in June.

In the future, I would love to learn more languages and do languages in university.

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