LCA Students Perform at the SlamJam Finals

What is the most agonising pain to exist?

Well, according to our students it is stubbing your toe!

This was the basis for Lincoln Castle Academy’s SlamJam entry; an annual performance poetry competition held by Lincoln Rotary Club.

Three of our Year 8 students Amelia Chakur, Sonia Freiria and Ellie-Marie McLellan headed down to the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on a gloriously sunny Thursday, to take part in the grand finale against 13 other Lincolnshire schools. The day included a workshop by writer and performer Jess Green, whereby the students wrote their own poetry and discussed a variety of topics. Then there was time for a rehearsal and (most importantly!) Domino’s pizza, to fuel the students’ adrenaline and put their nerves at ease before the evening show.

At 7pm the SlamJam final began to a packed audience. The competition was fierce; topics included relationships, homelessness and self-worth, touching on the serious and humorous aspects of the world we live in. Lincoln Castle Academy performed in the ‘Being Young and Having Fun’ category, and Amelia, Sonia and Ellie took to the stage to a huge round of applause. Their humorous take on stubbing your toe and being over-dramatic, lifted the atmosphere and had the audience laughing all the way through. Amelia, Sonia and Ellie did Lincoln Castle Academy immensely proud. They received excellent feedback from one of the judges, theatre director Toby Ealden, who praised their relationship and the enjoyment that they conveyed.

Sadly, the girls didn’t manage to win and were beaten by South Axholme Academy. However, they raised a lot of smiles and were undoubtedly one of the most memorable acts of the evening. Amelia, Sonia and Ellie enjoyed the experience and showed us how poetry can be humorous, yet uplifting and inspiring.

Well done girls!


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