Sixth Form

Mr P Roe
Head of Sixth Form
Teacher of History / Sociology

Mrs K Edwards
13 Roman
Head of History

Mr G Moore
12 Roman
Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs C Woosey
13 Viking
Teacher of History

Mrs L Leyland
Assistant to Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Z Innes
13 Celt
Head of Art & Design

Miss D Corlett
12 Saxon
Head of Business & Enterprise Faculty

Mrs V Snee
12 Norman
Head of Ethics, Faith & Philosophy

Mrs S Turner
12 Norman
Teacher of Health & Social Care

Mrs L Seddon
Work Experience & Higher
Education Access Coordinator

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Welcome to the Sixth Form

We believe that every student can excel with the appropriate support and commitment on the right courses and therefore Lincoln Castle Academy offers a range of pathways. Our linear A level offer includes a wide range of the traditional academic subjects such as Mathematics, Further Maths, English Literature, Chemistry, History, Spanish and Religious Studies amongst others.  In addition, we have many Applied Learning courses taught across two years in disciplines such as Business, Travel and Tourism, Creative Media and Hospitality.

For this academic year we will again be offering a sixth form foundation course.  This is a one year course comprising of a range of curriculum modules designed to ease the transition to sixth form study.  Successful completion of the foundation year would allow students access to Level 3 studies the following year, and open up the door for degree level study.

Our Sixth Form students have an impressive history of gaining excellent results and then making a successful transition into higher education or employment.  We believe in developing the whole individual by providing opportunities to pursue ambitions, interests and passions and developing skills and talents. There is a strong sense of community amongst the Sixth Form, across the whole Academy and within the wider community. Lincoln Castle Academy students are keen to contribute and do make a difference, whether organising the senior citizens’ Christmas party or working with Years 7 & 8 students to help improve their reading skills. Students in the Sixth form also have the opportunity to become part of the Senior Prefect Team as well as working in Departments as Subject Support Ambassadors.

Great importance is attached to the relationship that students share with both their teachers and Tutors, who monitor progress, oversee personal development and prepare them for the next stage of their lives. Progress and attendance will be monitored very closely; teachers and tutors work with students to ensure they are always working towards their goals, offering guidance and support throughout their  time with us as well as advising them in choices about their future.

Mr P Roe
Head of Sixth Form


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Year 12 Option Blocks 2021