Personalised Learning Pathways

“Put simply, personalising learning and teaching means taking a highly structured and responsive approach to each child’s and young person’s learning, in order that all are able to progress, achieve and participate. It means strengthening the link between learning and teaching by engaging pupils – and their parents – as partners in learning.”

(DfES 2006:6)

Our Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP) is part of the full time education provision at Lincoln Castle Academy within our teaching week. At the very heart of our pathway, when applied, is the principle of a personalised curriculum. We emphatically do not believe that exactly the same programme is right for all of our students all of the time. One size most definitely does not fit all. As an academy with student achievement at the heart of everything we do we are able to work closely with students and parents to decide on the very best way to work with each individual student at different times of their educational journey, to boost their progress.

We regularly track each individual’s progress across all the subjects they take so that we can be certain that the route they are following is the right one for them. Our KS4 Progress Lead takes responsibility for making appropriate adjustments to an individual student’s curriculum and our student support facilities enable us to make special arrangements for any student whose individual circumstances mean that they need more than the conventional curriculum can offer. Our enrichment programme enables us to offer additional learning opportunities in addition to core subjects in many areas such as: healthy eating and catering; career and aspiration mentoring sessions; homework club; motivational sessions held at The Showroom; Energize and 1:1 tuition in core curriculum areas.

Taken together, these highly distinctive features of our personalised learning pathway enables us to maximise the progress for all of our students and engage students in making positive decisions about their next steps.