PE, Sports Science & Dance

Department Staff

Miss A Dooley
Head of PE

Mrs T Parker
2ic / Teacher of PE

Mr G Jones
Teacher of PE /Head of Year 11

Mr J Pollard
Teacher of PE / Geography

Mr C Morris
Teacher of PE / Mathematics

Mr W Wright
Teacher of PE / Science


The learning plans for each subject taught within each year group are available below; click on each image to view full size.

Key Stage 3

Students follow a four week (8 lesson) rotation. This enables a great variety of activities to be covered during the year.

Students participate in

  • Fitness Testing & Multiskills
  • Invasion Games (Football, Netball, Basketball, Tag Rugby)
  • Net/Wall Games (Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball)
  • Movement & Replication (Gymnastics, Dance & Athletics)
  • Striking & Fielding Games (Rounders & Cricket)
  • Swimming (Stroke Technique, Personal Survival, Lifesaving Skills)

Year 7 Specific focus: Assessing Ability & Introducing New Skills

Year 8 Specific focus: Developing Skills

Year 9 Specific focus: Refining Skills

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Core PE is a non examined subject however students are still monitored and marked for their attitude to learning. The Key Stage 4 PE programme is widely recognised as beneficial time spent out of the traditional classroom setting. The feel good factor of exercise assists with daily school life.

Year 10

Year 10 students follow a four week planned rotation.

Students build on what they have experienced in Key Stage 3 and continue to play the traditional sports in order to consolidate skills further.

Importantly they also have the opportunity to experience utilising already learned skills in different activities for example; students will use their teamwork skills & knowledge of tactics to help them play Lacrosse, swimmers will use their survival & stroke skills to help them play Water Polo.

Year 11

Year 11 students follow an Option Block. This enables students to make a choice about which activity they participate in. As well as practical participation our students increasingly take on a variety of roles and develop their skills as Coaches and Officials: score keeping, umpiring and refereeing.

GCSE Physical Education (Year 10 & 11)

Students can opt to study GCSE PE. We follow the Edexcel Examination Course.

Students enter a number of different practical activities and are graded on their performance in conjunction with the exam board specifications in a practical examination. This is conducted by an external examiner. Students also complete an Analysis of Performance and a Personal Exercise Plan.

The theory part of the course covers the following areas:

  • Healthy Lifestyle,
  • Factors affecting Fitness & Exercise,
  • Components of Fitness,
  • Body Types,
  • Diet & Nutrition,
  • Drugs & Sport,
  • The Cardiac, Respiratory, Muscular & Skeletal Systems.

Students sit a theory examination on these topic areas towards the end of Year 11.

BTEC Dance (Year 10 & 11)

The First Award in Performing Arts (Dance) includes an externally assessed unit in the core to introduce externality into vocational programmes of study. The assessment approach for the internally assessed units in the qualification structure enables learners to receive feedback on their progress throughout the course as they provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria. Evidence for assessment may be generated through a range of activities, including workplace assessment, role play, practical performance and verbal presentations.

All work for this course is conducted through the medium of dance. Students will be required to investigate and understand the social and historical context of different dance styles. They will participate in all styles of dance, develop their movement vocabulary and understand the physical and interpretive skills required in performance. Core units will include an application/audition piece for dance opportunity scenarios and also a dance showcase in front of an audience.

The course provides opportunities for students to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for a successful performance in working life.

Key Stage 5

BTEC National Award in Sport (A-Level equivalent)

This course is designed to give students a deeper and wider understanding of aspects related to sport. Students are taught in both a classroom and practical setting.

Units are completed in the following areas:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Fitness Testing for Sport & Exercise
  • Sports Psychology
  • Assessing Risk in Sport
  • Sports Leadership
  • Individual Sport or Outdoor Education

Coursework is undertaken and assessed according to the ‘Pass’, ‘Merit’ and ‘Distinction’ criteria.

Our examination courses will assist those choosing to go on to Further & Higher Education to study Sport. The course content complements subjects such as Psychology, Biology, Business & Leisure Management and Public Services. The GCSE & BTEC National Award are recognised by employers and therefore also suitable for those wishing to enter the workplace in the thriving Fitness Industry & Leisure Sector.

Public Services (Year 10-13)

This is the newest addition to the department. It is also an optional subject at KS4 and KS5. Students study how the uniformed public services operate and how they work together in teams. A section of the course also examines the physical fitness side of the uniformed services.

This course is enriched through the use of field craft activities, outward bound courses and team building sessions. Recent visitors to the school have been the Royal Marines and the RAF who have helped conduct a fitness test with the students and have outlined the recruitment process for their services.

Why Study Public Services?

  • Recruitment – Job in the PS
  • Results GCSE UCAS - Results
  • Vocational Qualification – Enjoyable, no exams/assessment
  • Expedition – Practical Skills

Units Studied

  • Unit 13 Expedition Skills
  • Unit 6 Adventurous Activities
  • Unit 3 PS Fitness
  • Unit 7 The Value of Sport and Rec
  • Unit 1 PS Employment
  • Unit 2 PS Skills


Community Awareness

  • Be able to plan, select the correct equipment
  • Participate in outdoor pursuits and team work on a multi-day expedition involving an over-night stay
  • Be able to evaluate individual and team performance during the expedition, including responsibilities to the countryside.

PE Kit

Please see our section within the Academy's Uniform page.

Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs

Our Extra-Curricular Sports Programme changes every term.

The PE Department staff offer Recreational Clubs, Team Training and Skills Practices during lunchtime and after school.

Students are encouraged to attend extra practices to learn & develop their skills, socialise and improve their fitness levels.

The current activities include Swimming, Table Tennis, Touch Rugby, Dance, Netball, Football and Badminton.

Match Fixtures & Results

Students from every Year Group have the opportunity to compete in The Lincoln & Gainsborough Schools Sports Zone League. Fixtures are arranged for Netball, Football, Badminton, 5-a-side Girls Football, Rounders & Cricket. In addition we take part in the Lincoln & Gainsborough Schools Cross Country Competition and Athletics Event.

Students are awarded CAPS for team representation & Players of the Match are nominated for their contribution to the game.

See our Calendar & Events page for details of our planned fixtures this season.


Sports Leaders

Lincoln Castle Academy Sports Leaders fulfil a vital role within the PE department and throughout the school. Our Sports Leaders are eager volunteers who assist with a number of different activities taking place throughout the year, some of which are inter-school activities such as House Sport and others which involve a number of different schools such as the Lincolnshire School Games which has been held at Lincoln Castle Academy site for a number of years. Being a Sports Leader at Lincoln Castle Academy gives students a great opportunity to experience working as part of a team, being responsible for an activity and engaging with primary and secondary students in a social & competitive setting.

All of our Sports Leaders are great ambassadors for youth sport and are young people willing to help out fellow young people. For specific information on events our Sports Leaders are currently participating in see the PE Notice Board or talk to Mr Wilson.

Thank you to the Sports Leaders from all years who assisted with several events last year. You really do an amazing job and the events would not have run so smoothly without you.

Department Facilities

The PE Department benefits from many teaching spaces:

  • full size sports hall,
  • gymnasium,
  • all weather astro pitch area,
  • all weather athletics track,
  • hard court tennis & basketball area,
  • large playing fields surrounded by a cycle/ walk path,
  • 25 metre swimming pool,
  • shallow teaching pool,
  • diving pit area,
  • access to dance studio & fitness suite.