Mr Smith Rockets Along in Engineering Course

I was fortunate to attend a two day training course to qualify as a Range Safety Officer for the Bloodhound SSC educational program. This basically means that I can run rocket car races at our school and in primary schools.

The actual Bloodhound SSC will hopefully travel 1000mph and will be driven by Andy Green who used to fly Tornado fighter planes in the RAF. Richard Noble who is a previous land speed holder is the man in charge of this epic challenge. He also wants to promote engineering within schools.

This is where I play a small part together with the other 11 candidates on the course. Several teachers and Red Arrows engineers were on the course.

The guys from the ‘Reds’ have agreed that we can work together with our school and visit their station to see the Red Arrows. We will also be running a rocket car challenge, so watch out for further information.

If you see yourself being a future engineer, pilot, designer or just like cars that travel fast….1000mph fast, then visit the Bloodhound SSC website.

Next step will be for you get involved in our own rocket car challenge. All year 7 students will be studying the Bloodhound SSC project in their Design and Technology lessons.

Mr R Smith

Head of Technology

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