Learning from Home

Learning from Home - A Guide for Students
(from 11th January 2021)

Getting organised
You will need a quiet space in your house with resources to hand.  Organise a study area with stationery (pens/pencil/ highlighter/ paper/ post-its), your Study File, your exercise books (if at home) and your laptop/computer/ tablet.  Have your timetable and the timings of the school day on your desk. By having a reading book to hand you can mirror your day in school by having ‘DEAR’ time (drop everything and read) between lessons.  You might also find it useful to wear headphones so you can hear the lesson without distractions.

Your timetable
The school day begins at 8.30 - 3pm but includes breaktime and lunchtime.  We do not think it is healthy to sit at a computer the entire day and we will therefore be delivering a blend of online ‘live’ lessons alongside tasks set on SMHW.  Approximately half of your timetable will be ‘live’ lessons but your teachers will also set work for you to complete independently to consolidate your learning.   Try to stick closely to your school timetable, focusing on each subject when it occurs on your timetable and contact your teacher if you have any questions.

Tutor Time
Each week you will have 2 ‘live’ tutor periods; this will be a chance for your tutor to check how you are, to listen to your feedback and resolve any questions you may have.  The ‘Aspire’ curriculum will be taught on one of these sessions and you will also hear important messages from your Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year through year group assemblies.  Student Council Members will continue to meet with the Student Leadership Team to shape academy strategy and improvements.

Live lessons
You need to be logged on and ready at the start of the lesson as a register will be taken. All the information (and links to live lessons) will be on SMHW. Lessons will last approximately 1 hour, but will include independent activities (your teacher may set a timed task and return towards the end of the lesson to check your progress). Begin each day by looking at your timetable and log in to SMHW, making a note of your live lessons and the start time provided by your teachers. This will allow you to plan your day, including breaks and snack time!

Teachers will use a variety of approaches, but ‘live’ lessons will usually include:

  • A learning objectives & an introductory explanation
  • A Starter (often a quiz or recall activity)
  • Teacher delivery of new topic/ knowledge/ skills & demonstration with resources (e.g.PowerPoint/film/audio/ Oak National Academy/other filmed lesson content)
  • An Independent challenge
  • A Plenary (reflection, consolidation & extension work)

Once you have clicked the ‘zoom’ link, you will click ‘Join with audio’, followed by ‘start video’.  Once a register has been taken, your teacher will give you further instructions, e.g. turning off video and muting and the rules for live lessons will be shared.

You are not permitted to record or take of photographs of virtual lessons under safeguarding requirements.

We are all working out of our zone of comfort! Teachers have had to learn to adapt just as you have and we therefore ask you to be considerate and respectful of their efforts.   Please conduct yourself online as you would in a classroom: turn your mobile phone off and concentrate on the teacher. Typically, online lessons take longer to plan so be mindful of the effort your teachers have made to educate you in these challenging times.  I am proud of our students’ decency and respectful nature; please ensure this remains intact.

Teachers will take a register on Go4schools at the start of your ‘live’ lesson.  If you fail to attend, our Attendance Team will contact your parent/carer.  Persistent absence from online lessons will be treated the same way as persistent absence from school – just like ‘real’ school, online lessons are not optional! If you do not attend lessons, you are not accessing education which is essential for your future.  Your Head of Year will monitor your attendance, rewards and consequence points.   If you are ill, or experience technical difficulties these will be recorded so we can provide follow up support to help you to catch up.

Safeguarding & Welfare
Because we are ‘zooming’ into your houses there are strict rules for online lessons (below).  Please read these and ensure other people in your household know you are learning and cannot be disturbed.  These rules allow us to keep everyone safe and ensure the lesson is orderly, focused and respectful.  Anyone who doesn’t comply will be ‘removed’ from the lesson.

Our Welfare Team will be contacting some students to ensure they have the support they need.  Some students will receive daily calls from our Student Support Mentor to help them to engage with remote education.

Rewards & Consequences
Last term rewards outnumbered consequences 8:1 – this is an LCA record so well done! Both will continue to be issued during remote education.  Rewards will be given for ‘live’ lesson contributions (we really want you to join in and talk to your teacher) and for the work you produce.  If you attend all your lessons on time, remain focused, work hard, participate and meet deadlines we will not need to worry about consequence points at all!

Marking & Feedback
Work can be submitted via SMHW or email as directed by your teacher.  If completed by hand (e.g. Art/ DT/ handwritten notes/essays) you may be asked to photograph your work and send it to your teacher.  You can expect to receive work submitted to your teachers for marking via SMHW or email within 1 week.  Teachers will also provide verbal feedback and rewards during the lesson, as well as using online platforms, apps or audio recordings.

Learning Support
Some students benefit from the support of a Teaching Assistant in certain lessons.  When learning from home, these students will be provided with support in the following ways:

  • A weekly 1:1 or small group lesson with a Teaching Assistant to support your learning/ intervention
  • A Teaching Assistant may attend some of your live lessons and provide you with support during the ‘independent’ section of the lesson
  • Teachers will adjust the pace or difficulty of what is being taught and may send additional resources to you in advance/ after the lesson.

Extension work
LCA students have benefitted from an enormous amount of personal feedback during previous lockdowns owing to their hard work and thirst for knowledge. When appropriate, teachers will provide students with extension work and individuals can also request work from their subject teachers.

Essential School Support
Any students eligible to attend school will access their live lessons, supported by staff in school. Teaching Assistants will support these students as required.

Get in touch
Our school website includes lots of useful information: https://www.lincolncastleacademy.co.uk/wordpress/ including a tutorial made by LCA staff: ‘How to access ‘live’ lessons.’ This may be particularly useful for younger students who have not yet accessed ‘live’ lessons through Zoom.

  • You can contact your teachers using the messaging service on SMHW or via email
  • If you are unsure who to contact or have a general enquiry about attending school, ESS provision, support with resources or free school meal provision, email: enquiries@lincolncastleacademy.co.uk
  • If you have forgotten your log in information or require some technical support with the apps, email: appsupport@lincolncastleacademy.co.uk