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What is Show My Homework?

In a nutshell, Show My Homework is an easy to use, online homework calendar for schools to use and students to access. Teachers set homework; this appears on the homework calendar with all the relevant details such as deadlines and resources.

Students and parents can access this at any time via the web or their mobile phone, making homework accessible and transparent for everyone. They can also get text reminders about what is due and when.

What if I am not very IT literate, can I still use it?

If you know how to send an email or browse the web you’ll be able to use Show My Homework with very little time or effort exerted. Please see the parent guide available on our website for more details on its use.

How successful is it in terms of learning outcomes?

Research from the Institute of Education (IOE) shows that homework plays an important role in closing the gap between high and low-achieving learners. This is supported by the views of the Department for Education who recognise homework is part of a good rounded education. Show My Homework reinforces this.

The feedback we’ve had so far has been incredible from teachers, students and parents. From the many testimonials we’ve had, we have had one parent email to say since using Show My Homework, her daughter has been achieving beyond her target level in English, the first time ever that’s happened because she is consistently informed about her English homework, deadlines and determined to tick the homework off as she completes it. This has pushed her to stay motivated and feel a sense of achievement!

Surely there is no need for an online tool if teachers are allocating homework in class and students are writing it in their progress passports.

All of our student facing staff that use Show My Homework every day do exactly that. There is a need to use Show My Homework because it makes it very easy to provide students with a consistent message about homework in every lesson they walk into. So whether it is period 1 or period 5, whether it is Maths or French, students know they can access their homework via the school homework calendar. When you have this kind of consistency, it leads to ‘Outstanding’ outcomes, which reduces homework excuses and makes everything about homework transparent.

Students can longer say, ‘Miss I never had enough time to write down my homework’ or ‘Sir, I lost my worksheet you gave me in class’ and so on…

We are aiming for quick communications – one place for parents to go to and look at and find all information.

Through Show my homework, we are now able to communicate with pupils and parents in a way which supports and supplements learning. It is accessible and transparent, allowing pupils to take further responsibility for their learning and for parents to engage with their children in the tasks they have been set. It is incredibly useful to be able to share files and resources with students, and provide links to websites which can enhance their understanding. We believe such websites allow us to establish a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in our students, and once it becomes embedded in their routine it will undoubtedly enhance their learning experience.

What happens if we don’t have a computer or our broadband breaks down?

You can still access Show My Homework via your smartphone if you have 3G connection. Students also have access to the resource centre at school and facilities are always available during club nights. In addition homework should also always be written in student passports. We call this the ‘belts and braces’ approach!

How many schools use it?

Show My Homework is used in over 650 schools from all across the UK and in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, China, USA and Germany to name a few.

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