LCA Choristers’ Dutch Tour

On Thursday 20th April, members of the Lincoln Cathedral choir went on a tour of Holland to promote the choir and to perform in some beautiful European cathedrals.

When we arrived, we took a three to four hour long bus journey to our hotel to drop off our bags. We then visited our first cathedral where we had a rehearsal and then performed at the service. Once the service had finished, my friend Emily and I took a collection and everybody was very generous.

The next day, we went on a boat trip and had lunch in an underground restaurant which was really cool. In the evening, we performed another service in a different cathedral and then returned to the hotel.

On the third day, we performed at the cathedral most local to the hotel and then we caught the ferry home to England. I really enjoyed the tour and I hope that we are able to go again soon!

Harry Hatcher, 7R


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