Humanities Dept Harry Potter Trip

The Humanities department recently offered a trip to the Harry Potter studios in London, for a selection of higher achieving students.

“We arrived at the studio around lunchtime, so sat on the benches outside to eat our lunches. The outside of the studios look incredible and it got everyone really excited to go inside. We all gathered in our groups and walked towards the entrance.

Once we got through security we saw pictures of all the main characters from the franchise. After we queued to start the tour experience we entered a large room which showed us how Harry Potter started. The doors then opened into a vast cinema, we then watched a short video explaining behind the scenes. Then the tour really began...

The Great Hall was so magical with all of the Christmas decorations. We then went through to visit all of the smaller sets. Some of us learnt how to make fake snow and fire. Others went on the brooms and got to take pictures. Because we went as a school we got the pictures cheaper. We were terrified when going through the forbidden forest, and laughed when someone screamed!

Just before the café was the Hogwarts train which looked beautiful with steam adding to the effect. At the café and outside area some of the group were able to try butterbeers. The Privet Drive set was open. Mr Rainey was really funny when the fake snow fell from a fan. The snow got in everyone’s hair! We then went into the special effects and props section. One of my friends tried to do a “dab” with Dobby, but failed miserably!

Then we saw Diagon Alley; it was beautiful with the snow theme. After that we saw some of the architecture that was used to make them films. We then carried on to one of the best sections of the tour, the Hogwarts model. It was stunning! The gift shop visit concluded the visit for us, and with bags full of mementos, it was well worth it!

Overall I think that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip, even the teachers! I would like to see more trips like this as it was educational as well as really good fun and a great way for students and staff to get to know each-other."

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