House System

House Team

Name Job Title Photo Twitter E-mail
Mr J Farr Head of Celt
Head of Inclusion
Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs K Willey Head of Norman
Cover Supervisor
Student Voice
Mrs G Lane Head of Roman
Head of Music
Mr S Smith Head of Saxon
Teacher of Business & Enterprise, PE
Mr M Macdonald Head of Viking
Teacher of Mathematics



Our House system represents the rich heritage of Lincoln through the ages. Roman, Viking, Saxon, Norman and Celt Houses compete in sporting, academic and entrepreneurial challenges, giving students the opportunity to form positive relationships beyond their year group, develop skills of leadership and enjoy team work. Students are enthused by their House Leaders and 'House Heroes'; individuals who are inspirational role models.

Competitions 2016-2017

Christmas Quiz Results

Year 7 ROMAN/Celt Parisi/Celt Iceni = Saxon/Viking/Norman Hasting/Norman Bayeux

Year 8 SAXON/Norman/Roman/Viking Hadrada/Viking Canute/Celt

Year 9 VIKING/Saxon/Celt/Norman/Roman

Year 10 CELT/Roman/Viking/Norman/Saxon

Year 11 CELT/Saxon/Norman/Roman/Viking

Year 12 ROMAN/Saxon/Norman

Year 13 SAXON/Viking/Roman/Celt

Final House Results 2017






Sports Day Results 2017


The 800m, 300/400m races continued, and throughout the day field events were held, with students competing in long jump, triple jump, standing high jump, shot and javelin.

The highlight of the day was a brand new event, the not-quite World Famous LCA continuous relay! This was a stunning mass participation event where students could compete directly against staff; all they had to do was complete laps of the track! With just over 400m per lap (keeping to Lane 7 to avoid other events) students and staff alike were keen to rack up some miles! The staff started most enthusiastically, but once the students caught on that they could run in groups, their tallies rocketed up. By the end of the day the totals were announced, and were really quite amazing!

STAFF: 153 laps (about 40 miles)

STUDENTS: 962 laps (about 250 miles!)

Congratulations to everyone who ran, walked, jumped or skipped laps throughout the day! Special mention to Shane in Year 7 who clocked up a stunning 43 laps!

Our Ethos and Values

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence

The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship

Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition