Home School Agreement

A framework for partnership working between parents, students & Lincoln Castle Academy

Our shared aim is to develop, nurture and educate your child, enabling individuals to reach their potential. Effective partnerships ensure staff, parents and children work together towards the same goals. By committing to mutual respect and high expectations of behaviour, together we enable your child to make the most of their education. Our home-school agreement details the responsibilities of parents, students and the academy and the rights we all share:

1. To learn or teach, 2.To be treated fairly, 3.To be safe, 4.To be treated with respect.

Lincoln Castle Academy will educate your child by:

• Providing an orderly, safe and pleasant environment in which hard work, enjoyment, co-operation, mutual respect and care for others are of paramount importance
• Providing a broad and balanced curriculum which gives equal value to all students and assists individuals to achieve their potential
• Providing lessons, class and homework which is engaging, challenging & appropriate to the student's age and ability
• Providing regular feedback to students and parents, giving praise & encouragement where deserved and informing parents of concerns we have as early as possible (e.g. attendance/ punctuality/ welfare/ progress/ behaviour)
• Recognising success in its many forms and promoting lifelong learning & responsible citizenship enabling students to make a positive contribution to society
• Informing parents of events, developments and school priorities via the academy’s communication channels letter/website/text/email/school app)
• Adhering to the academy Code of Conduct in all communication with parents, remaining solutions focused through respectful dialogue informed by an understanding of rights and responsibilities

I/We the Parent (s)/Carer (s) will support my child’s education by:

• Encouraging positive attitudes towards the school to enable effective partnership working
• Ensuring my child arrives on time, attends every day, wears correct uniform & is fully equipped for lessons
• Ensuring my child has a quiet, organised and resourced space at home to study/read.
• Ensuring that, irrespective of age, my child has adequate sleep to support his/her cognitive function & behaviour during the school day
• Supporting my child with personal organisation and homework tasks, checking & signing the Study File, attending events & meetings with staff and engaging with the academy’s communications
• Taking charge of my child’s behaviour outside of school hours, ensuring their conduct in the community and online is safe and does not include enticement/abuse/bullying of others.
• Monitoring & restricting my child’s use of social media and gaming to ensure access is age-appropriate and that excessive use does not impair the ability to concentrate, engage in learning and negatively affect his/her mental health
• Communicating absence owing to illness on the first day. Never booking holidays/routine medical appointments during term time.
• Informing staff of concerns which may affect my child's progress (Tutor/ Head of Year)
• Supporting the academy’s behaviour policy by promoting and upholding academy rules & consequences
• Adhering to the academy Code of Conduct in all communication with staff, remaining solutions focused through respectful dialogue informed by an understanding of rights and responsibilities

As a student, I will:     

Adhere to the Academy’s Code of Conduct, summarised in 4 Academy Rules

     1.Be Studious

  • Be focused in lessons, enabling my teachers to teach & students to learn
  • Complete all work to the best of my ability
  • Meet deadlines
  • Be responsive to challenge
  • Support the learning of others
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  1. Be Prepared
  • Attend school every day
  • Be punctual
  • Wear my uniform correctly
  • Be properly equipped for all lessons every day (e.g. planner, pen, pencil, PE kit, ingredients)
  1. Be Safe
  • Move calmly around the academy site
  • Interact appropriately with others
  • Abide by the academy Code of Conduct
  1. Be Respectful
  • Use respectful language at all times to staff and students
  • Follow staff instructions at all times, including ‘consequences’
  • Refrain from eating/drinking in lessons (water permitted)
  • Take care of academy equipment, resources & the school environment
  • Represent the academy well both in and out of school, including online

As a student of Lincoln Castle Academy, I recognise teachers are responsible for educating me in my various subjects, associated qualifications and in helping me to develop as a citizen. From time to time I will make mistakes and I understand that it is my teachers’ legal right to administer sanctions including after-school detentions, enabling me to learn and improve and in order to maintain good order across the academy.

Revised July 2019