Great Opportunities at Summer School

Summer School ran from Tuesday 24th July to Thursday 26th July. The welcome address was given by Mr Thomas, Assistant Headteacher, before students started with their daily times tables challenge.  They then went outside to take part in team building activities, one involving them racing to get a radioactive ball across the field just using small sections of pipe. The next challenge saw them using two gym mats to transport their team in order to avoid the floor of lava. These were exceptionally great fun but also involved teamwork, communication and a bit of thinking!

Problem Solving and Slime

In the afternoon one group of students developed their problem-solving skills and perseverance with a series of logical and skill puzzles. The others, led by Miss Styles and Mr Firby, took part in a science lesson where they made their own slime. Mr Rainey then tested their knowledge with a history quiz.

On the Wednesday the team walked into the Bailgate where students had time to explore parts of the Cathedral whilst contemplating their possible futures with a university’s graduation ceremony taking place. Afterwards the students split into groups and took part in a self-led Murder Mystery tour. This took on many parts of the Bailgate area and included a picnic lunch in The Lawns.

Puzzles, Superheroes and Saving Private Eggy

On the final day the students who had the lessons on the Tuesday did the puzzle challenges whilst the other students made their own slime and then used their creative writing skills to develop their own superhero with Miss Myers. In the afternoon students used their skills to create a parachute to save an egg from a 3 storey drop.  They also took part in a pirate themed game of strategy and chance.

Summer School was a great opportunity for students to get to know a few more faces for when they start the new term. It was a great opportunity for both staff and fellow students, and a way to familiarise themselves with a bit more of the school layout. I look forward to seeing all of you in September.

Mr M Macdonald

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