Student Voice

The academy ‘Student Voice Questionnaire’ (SVQ) is completed 3 times per year and covers a variety of areas that provide essential information and feedback to help measure our success. We value the importance of students’ views and use these to review, shape and evaluate our effectiveness in terms of:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Behaviour, safety and welfare
  • Rewards and enrichment

In addition to the questions about the quality of teaching and learning, the questionnaire provides vital information about students’ perception of their safety and well-being. Some questions are deliberately written in a format that allows us to directly compare the data between year groups and from one ‘cycle’ to the next, whilst others enable a more human element through students being encouraged to make further comment. All questions are on a ‘must answer’ basis. It is expected that all students have a chance to complete the SVQ in order that every child has a voice, in turn ensuring that they all have the opportunity to better their school, and to speak out on any safety issues.

The academy Prefect System includes:

  • Head Girl & Head Boy (Year 13) and Deputy Head Girl & Boy (Year 12)
  • Senior Prefects x 30 (Year 12 & 13)

These students meet with the Senior Team on a weekly basis and lead whole school assemblies, formal events and undertake duties throughout the school week. These students are expected to act as ambassadors for the academy and provide a vital student voice link, communicating issues and seeking student voice as appropriate. During their weekly meeting, the Head Girl and Boy bring issues and requests to the attention of the Head teacher.

Our School Council Co-ordinator ensures fortnightly meetings are organised for all year groups and that minutes are circulated and issues addressed by the relevant staff. September 2015 also sees the launch of our Junior Leadership Team.

Evidence/key information/ developments

  • Exemplar: Student Voice Questionnaire Survey Monkey
  • Term 1 ‘Whole School’ analysis and action points
  • HOY analysis, action and impact records
  • Extra-curricular clubs offered

Linked documents

  • Whole School Strategic Plan
  • ARC Report
  • Rewards policy
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Student Discipline and behaviour policy
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