Extended Project Qualification

On 6th February we launched the EPQ with Year 12 students. The extended project qualification requires students to undertake a self-motivated project that carries UCAS points and develops skills required for the workplace such as independent thought, time management and communication skills. There are several types of EPQ: you can write a research-based report, put on an event like a fashion show or charity fundraiser, or make something – like a piece of art or a game.

Our Year 12 students following a Level 3 pathway will complete this over the course of the next year up until December of Year 13.

3 big benefits of an Extended Project Qualification

Reason 1

It gives academic confidence and provides a head-start for university and further study.

Because the EPQ is an independent research project, you can learn about and begin to develop the higher level skills that are essential for study. As part of the EPQ process you will learn about, and demonstrate your ability to search for, various information and check the authenticity of sources, plan a project, construct and support arguments, write academically and disseminate research while all the time building on your critical thinking skills.

Reason 2

It helps students **”STAND OUT!”**

Writing about your EPQ in your UCAS personal statement or application for employment shows that you have the passion, skills and determination to carry out research and it distinguishes you from other applicants. It also helps develop skills that employers value in the workplace. You can write your work up as a dissertation-style report or you can choose to present it in a range of different mediums, such as a performance or game. This helps to demonstrate transferable skills in addition to academic ones.

Reason 3

It allows students to satisfy their curiosity and improve their knowledge

In the words of Mr Roe – Head of 6th form at LCA:

“This is a qualification that liberates a student from the confines of an often narrow curriculum and allows them to pursue an area which they are really passionate about. Indeed, you become the 'expert' in your chosen field and from this comes academic confidence.”

Rather than just studying the syllabus for assessments, the EPQ allows you to explore in great detail a particular subject interest. With the support and guidance of teachers you can investigate something that you are really curious about – something that you have always had questions about – in depth and share your findings with your friends, school and others who share such interests.

The course is being led by Mr Smith and Mrs King from the Business and Enterprise Department.