Endeavour Assembly – Rewarding Success

Students from Years 7 to 11 who had excelled in their academic and ATL grades were presented certificates at an assembly on Friday, 15th December.
Two former students of Lincoln Castle Academy, Abbie Hicks and Abbie Proctor returned to deliver speeches about their time at university, as well as other activities they had taken part in since leaving school. They stayed to present the certificates to the students and chat to them after the assembly, as afternoon tea was served in The Hub. The school choir, LCA Singers performed a Christmas carol, featuring Toby Booth as soloist.
Several tweets were sent throughout the assembly as Heads of Years spoke of their pride at the students' hard work and dedication to learning.

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We must focus on those who are most able to persist, even to fail, to learn resilience and tenacity to eventually succeed

Mrs L Laming

Don't say "I failed". Say "I haven't succeeded yet." You'll succeed soon!

You don't need to decide your career path to be keen. Follow what you like and grab all the opportunities. It's so worth it in the end

Abbie Proctor

Year 7 students... we have a lot of competition for who's to be the best! Well done, I'm so proud of you...

Mrs C Grant, Head of Year 7

Year 8 stars... these ten students have amassed over 1000 positive behaviour points!

Mr G Jones, Head of Year 8

Any coincidence that most of the successful girls in Year 11 are members of our award winning netball team?

Mrs K Ramsay, Head of Year 11
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