Department Staff

Miss C Feely
Head of Drama

Mrs J Lill
Teacher of Drama


The learning plans for each subject taught within each year group are available below; click on each image to view full size.


A time to devise, rehearse and perform!

The department enjoys a newly refurbished performing arts space for day‚Äďto-day teaching and a large hall with an impressive lighting and sound rig. The department also boasts an excellent, eccentric collection of props and costumes built up over some thirty years.

When not used for school activities they are available for hire at highly competitive rates. Please contact us for further details.


Key Stage 3

All pupils have one double lesson of drama each fortnight in mixed ability groups. All students have the chance to learn and develop drama techniques, focusing on improvisation, mime, role-play, character creation and scriptwriting. Students will explore a variety of topical issues through the medium of drama, team-building and social interaction. They will learn to reflect and evaluate their own performances and those of others.

Opportunities for students to work alongside local and national theatre companies, participate in school productions and be proud members of Lincoln Castle Academy‚Äôs new drama and performing arts club, ‚ÄúStarstruck‚ÄĚ are all part of this exciting and energetic subject.

Students at the end of Year 9 will have the option of choosing the BTEC First Certificate / Diploma in Performing Arts (acting).

Within the KS3 years, students will study topics as below:


Year 7


Year 8


Year 9

  Basic Skills
Physical Theatre
The Haunted Lift
Ernie's Incredible Hallucinations
  Basic Skills
Ricky Brown
Soap Operas
Abstract Drama
  Basic Skills
The Stabbing
Stone Cold
Scripted Drama
At the end of Year 9 students can opt for either the BTEC or the GCSE course

Key Stage 4

BTEC Performing Arts offers students the opportunity to combine theory and practise and use it in a real way, covering areas of drama useful in the world of employment.

Any student who is interested in acting, drama, performance and production will enjoy studying this option and get the opportunity to work alongside professional theatre companies, participate in practical workshops and visit local theatres.

Students can either study BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) or GCSE Drama (AQA), cohort dependable.

Key Stage 5

Students study Drama & Theatre Studies (AQA).