Great Opportunities at Summer School

Summer School ran from Tuesday 24th July to Thursday 26th July. The welcome address was given by Mr Thomas, Assistant Headteacher, before students started with their daily times tables challenge.  They then went outside to take part in team building activities, one involving them racing to get a radioactive ball across the field just using small sections […]

Year 9 Scientists Are All Heart!

Year 9 Science students learned about the workings of the heart today, with a hands-on lesson involving cutting into pigs’ hearts and looking at the chambers and valves. Certainly not for the faint hearted! They seemed quite apprehensive at first, but soon gained confidence and realised that although it was a bit sticky and certainly […]

Sixth Form Scientists Deliver Christmas Lectures

Friday 15th December saw the third annual Lincoln Castle Academy Science Lectures – an idea inspired by the Royal Society Christmas lectures which have now been running successfully for well over one hundred years. Our students prepared and presented lectures on a scientific topic of their choice and a selection of 10 were chosen to […]

LCA Celebrates STEM

Staff and students have been celebrating STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with trips, enjoyable classes and even through play at home! In a trip to the Lincolnshire Showground, 25 Year 8 Design Technology students had a fun day out learning about the varied trades associated with the construction industry. They had a go […]

Year 10 Mock Exams

The year 10 Science exam will take place next Wednesday, 3rd May, during periods 3 and 4.Set 2 on both sides of  year 10 will sit their BTEC Finance exam on Monday 22nd May, P5 and P6Mrs Ramsay

Year 8s Enjoying Science

In Science we are studying about acids and alkalis. Today we investigated how the concentration of acid affects the rate of reaction and why.We even made our own concentrations of acid by carefully measuring some acid into a beaker and then adding measured amounts of water.We didn’t really experience any issues as we felt confident […]

Ermine Primary’s Science Week

Year 4 pupils from Ermine Primary Academy joined staff from LCA for a very special science class, learning about sound.They studied several topics, including:establishing that sound vibrates by dipping tuning forks into watertesting hearing ranges of humans and animalsinvestigating how humans and different types of animals respond to different sound frequenciescreating test tube pan pipesmaking ear […]

Staff Attend Charity Fundraiser

LCA Maths and Science staff attended the fifth anniversary fundraiser dinner for the Jon Egging Trust (JET) on Friday 3rd February 2017. The patron speakers were Prof Brian Cox and Air Marshal Stuart Atha. We were invited to write questions for Prof Cox and we very impressed by his responses to questions as diverse as […]