Business and Enterprise

Department Staff

Miss D Corlett
Head of Business & Enterprise

Mrs K King
2 i/c Business & Enterprise

Mr T Roberts
2 1/c Business & Enterprise

Mrs K Ramsay
Teacher of Business Studies
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Macdonald
Teacher of Business Studies / Head of Year 8

Mrs N Ali
Teacher of Business Studies

Mr S Smith
Teacher of Business Studies / Head of Year 10
Head of Saxon

Mrs T Wiles
Teacher of Business Studies
Deputy Headteacher


The Business and Enterprise Faculty provides all students, through all key stages with a vibrant, enriching and engaging curriculum that incorporates Business, Enterprise, ICT, Creative Digital Media and Travel and Tourism. The curriculum that is in place in Business and Enterprise energises students through stimulating lessons that lead to enjoyment and excellent attainment.

The Business and Enterprise faculty creates an environment where students thrive in an atmosphere of ‘no student being left behind’ and all students, regardless of their background, will be pushed to achieve the very highest levels of accomplishment. To support this, the Business and Enterprise faculty now offer a KS5 Foundation year, where students have the opportunity to develop their analytical and evaluative skills so that they are ‘level 3 ready’.


The learning plans for each subject taught within each year group are available below; click on each image to view full size.

Aims and objectives of the faculty

The faculty aims to inspire entrepreneurial skills, financial capability, employability skills and ICT knowledge, to ensure students are ready for the world of business.

Our goal is to equip every student with the tools to use in the modern business world, including the use of technology. This will help ensure that our students are prepared for their ultimate career goals.

We aim to help the students to develop a range of skills, including personal learning and thinking skills to provide the best opportunities for students to develop.

We offer opportunities for trips and visits to local and national businesses and build links with local entrepreneurs for our students to embrace. As a faculty we pride ourselves on offering a range of trips and visits to broaden students’ experiences. We view schools trips as a powerful and positive teaching tool that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all students in all key stages. The aims of these trips are to improve self-confidence and self-esteem, the ability to empathise and understand new perspectives and increase aspirations and motivation.

We ensure that we deliver a curriculum that encourages and supports students to achieve, via a choice of learning pathways.

Students are supported with their studies in Business and Enterprise, through the use of extra-curricular support and drop in sessions at lunch and after school.

The qualifications offered…

• AQA GCSE Business
• LIBF Certificate in Financial Education
• BTEC First Business
• BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise
• BTEC First Creative Digital Media
• BTEC Tech Award in Creative Digital Media
• BTEC First Travel
• EDUQAS A Level Business
• BTEC National Extended Certificate in Business
• BTEC National Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media
• BTEC National Extended Certificate in Information Technology
• BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Careers in Business and Enterprise


• Business Analyst
• Banking
• Estate Agent
• Insurance Underwriter
• Market Research Executive
• Retail Management
• Auditor
• Business Development Coordinator
• Credit Analyst
• Event Coordinators


• Systems Analyst
• IT Consultant
• Technical Sales Representative
• Project Manager
• Web Designer
• Network Engineer
• IT Support Analyst
• Software Developer
• Graphic Designer
• Multimedia Programmer


• Advertising Coordinator
• Digital Advertising Specialist
• Digital Marketing Analyst
• Animator
• Broadcast Engineer
• Broadcast Presenter
• Commissioning Editor
• Film Director
• Media Planner
• Video Editor


• Holiday Representative
• Tour Manager
• Tourism Officer
• Travel Agency Manager
• Tourist information Centre Manager
• Cruise Ship Director
• Flight Attendants
• Pilot
• Airport and Tourism Executive
• Travel Agent