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The LCA Resource Centre and is a wonderful place of adventure, fascination, intrigue, mystery, magic, occasionally a little crime, and mostly... silence! But once a week, the Book Club meets where those who have been sat reading can discuss their books, the stories, characters and perhaps even guess who was at the centre of that murder mystery!

(I still think "it was the butler wot dunnit"!)

In any case, once the club has met, a kind volunteer writes a few words about each book to share with us all...

Recent Reviews

World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day, our Year 7 students have been taking part in literary activities - as well as...
By LCA Website Admin | 02/03/17 4:13 pm | Book Club Review, English, Year 7

Year 7 Term 3 Rewards

Year 7 students received their rewards for CAPs points - Contribution, Attitude to Learning and Progress - today. Mrs...
By LCA Website Admin | 09/02/17 9:54 am | Book Club Review, Rewards, Year 7

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Written by J. K. Rowling Harry Potter is a beautifully written novel that completely submerges you into the world...
By LCA Website Admin | 21/03/16 3:20 pm | Book Club Review

Because You’ll Never Meet Me

Written by Leah Thomas Friendship based on letters between two young men dealing with improbable life problems. They can...
By LCA Website Admin | 10/03/16 2:35 pm | Book Club Review

I’ll Give You The Sun

Written by Jandy Nelson AGE 13 AND OVER An emotional, heart-breaking, tear jerking story about twins, Jude and Noah,...
By LCA Website Admin | 08/02/16 3:00 pm | Book Club Review

Hurricane Gold

Written by Charlie Higson Amazing, action packed, adventurous novel based on a young James Bond. This story packs a...
By LCA Website Admin | 11/01/16 2:35 pm | Book Club Review

Da Vinci Code

Written by Dan Brown THIS BOOK IS AN ADULT BOOK WITH ADULT THEMES. Based on history and mythology this...
By LCA Website Admin | 14/12/15 3:00 pm | Book Club Review

Ender’s Game

Written by Orson Scott Card This book is an enjoyable science fiction novel with a dystopian twist. Ender is...
By LCA Website Admin | 16/11/15 3:30 pm | Book Club Review

The Hobbit

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien This book is a fantastic, fantasy story telling us about the unexpected adventure of Bilbo...
By LCA Website Admin | 02/11/15 2:00 pm | Book Club Review


Written by Kathryn Erskine The Lincoln Castle Academy Book Club met after reading their first book to be reviewed....
By LCA Website Admin | 10/10/15 4:00 pm | Book Club Review

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