Art & Design

Department Staff

Mrs Z Innes
Head of Art & Design

Mrs J Scott
2 i/c Art & Design

Mrs C Grant
Teacher of Art & Design
Assistant Headteacher / Conduct


The Art and Design department at Lincoln Castle Academy provides a lively and stimulating environment where students have the opportunity to create work using a range of media and techniques and be inspired a range of artists and art movements.

Teaching ensures that students investigate, explore and develop their ideas and skills through individual and collaborative work. Projects are designed to build on prior learning and allow progression with regular opportunities to use ICT and digital media.

The teachers within the Art Department are artists in their own right and offer the fruits of their own practical experience.

To ensure a varied experience of artistic techniques and skills taught, the schemes of work for each year group are carefully compiled. We maximise opportunities for progression from one year group to the next by regularly updating new projects building on prior learning.


The learning plans for each subject taught within each year group are available below; click on each image to view full size.

Department Facilities

The department has four large classrooms:

  • AR 1: general classroom
  • AR 2: general classroom with access to printing press
  • AR 3: pottery and sixth form art room with access to two electric potters’ wheels and two separate sink areas; the sixth form also have an extra storage and work room
  • AR 4: large classroom used as a photography studio and has 24 networked computers
  • The department has a collection of DSLR cameras that students can use; it also has photographic lighting and studio equipment.