How do I apply for a place at Lincoln Castle Academy?

Applications should be made online at http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/school admissions  or by telephoning School Admissions on 01522 782030 if you do not have internet access. Reception staff at Lincoln CastleAcademy are available tonight to assist you with your application if required.

When is the closing date for applications?

Applications must be in by the end of October.

Will my child spend any time at LCA prior to starting next September?

We have two transition days in early July, your child will spend those days meeting school staff and experiencing sample lessons. Our teaching staff visit primary schools during June to meet new students and liaise with primary teaching staff to ensure we offer an individualised transition programme.

Is it true you run a free of charge summer school?

Yes; subject to continued funding, Lincoln Castle Academy runs a Summer School during July / August to support the transition of Year 6s into our Year 7. Summer school is always a huge success.

What would I do if my child needs extra learning support?

We liaise with Primary school staff prior to students starting at LCA to ensure your child’s needs are catered for prior to their start date. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s special needs please contact our SENCO Mrs Drury who will be able to assist you.

What time does the school day start?

Registration starts at 8.35am prompt.

What time does the school day end?

We finish at 3pm Monday to Friday.

Does my child have a break during the day?

We have a 15 minute morning break from 11.00am to 11.15am and a 40 minute lunch break from 1.20pm to 2.00pm. Food is served in the main canteen at break and lunch with a varied menu at very reasonable prices.

Do you have a breakfast club?

Breakfast is available for students from 7.15am in the canteen, which serves bagels, cereals, tea and water.

How many lessons will my child have in a day?

Students will have five varied lessons a day plus morning registration. There will be two lessons before break, two lessons before lunch and one in the afternoon.

How do I apply for Free School Meals?

Your current school is now responsible for applying on your behalf.

You simply need to provide them with your name, date of birth and National Insurance Number. It’s quick and easy to apply; we do all the hard work for you.

Alternatively you can apply online by clicking on the following link:

I don’t want everyone to know my child receives Free School Meals!

Don’t worry! Lincoln Castle Academy uses a cashless catering system and FSM students are not differentiated from other students. Your child’s account is loaded with a sum of money (Currently £2.25 per day) and students simply go through the same as everyone else. Your allowance may be used for Breakfast, Break or Lunch and topped up with extra cash if necessary through the onsite cash machines or through a Parentpay account.

How does my child pay for their meals?

LCA operates a cashless catering system using fingerprint biometric data. Meals are paid for via two cash machines placed in the entrance to West Block and East Block or by using our online Parentpay facility.

Can my child bring packed lunch?

Yes of course, facilities are available for students to eat their own packed lunch or school meals.

What is the Study Hub?

The Study Hub is an area available for independent study for Sixth Form students. Key Stage 4 Students are permitted to use the facilities in the Study Hub at break and lunchtime.

Is my child permitted to take holidays during term time?

Holidays are not permitted during term time. If you do need to take your child out of school under exceptional circumstances please contact Mrs Medley, our Attendance Officer.

Do you offer any after school activities?

We have a wide range of sports clubs available after school including Club nights on Mondays and Thursdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Details are available here. Departments often run after school study clubs, individual teachers would provide more information once your child starts. We also offer a range of lunchtime activities.

What trips do you offer that my child can go on?

Departments and year groups run many vocational trips throughout the year, and we also run trips as part of our termly rewards scheme. We run very popular annual day trips on a Saturday to Alton Towers and Flamingo Land, a weekend visit to London, and an annual residential trip to Spain or France, or as in 2016, a ski trip to Italy.

What would I do if my child is unhappy or has a problem?

Your first point of contact would be your child’s tutor who is responsible for their wellbeing.

How do you deal with bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated at Lincoln Castle Academy and will be dealt with as soon as we are able. Your first point of contact would be your child’s tutor who will investigate the circumstances..

What happens if my child loses something at school?

All property should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Lost property is generally handed in at the reception office.

How can I find out what is happening at school as my child forgets to give me letters home?

This website has a wealth of information and copies of letters regarding events are available under the Information menu above. We are in the process of sending letters home electronically via email and you will be asked to provide details of your email address on your child’s admission form.

Where can we purchase school uniform?

Our uniform is available from Uniform Direct, High Street, Lincoln. We currently have stock of some PE Kit in school at reduced prices, available on a first come first serve basis. Details are on our Uniform page.