Year 7

Mrs C Grant

Head of Year 7
and Transition

Mr A Whenman

7 Celt Parisi
Humanities 4

Mrs A Hilton

7 Celt Iceni
Humanities 6

Miss S Roberts

7 Norman Hastings
Humanities 5

Mrs E Thompson

7 Norman Bayeux
Humanities 7

Mrs G Lane

7 Roman
Humanities 2

Mrs P Grove

7 Saxon
Humanities 1

Mr M Macdonald

7 Viking
Humanities 3

Welcome to Year 7

It is very important that students make a smooth and happy transition to Lincoln Castle Academy. Settling into a routine and developing good working habits supported by family, friends and staff helps to form the foundation on which future success is built.

We value the close links that we have with our primary feeder schools. We talk to the teachers and welcome their advice when placing students in mixed ability form groups. Where possible, students are placed with someone they know, with extra support provided for those with additional needs.

Parents are asked to sign a Home / School Agreement; we know that success at Lincoln Castle Academy is the result of the partnership between home and school. Parents can support our aims by monitoring their child's work and attitude from home and by keeping in touch through the child's Form Tutor.

We look forward to meeting you and your child beginning a friendly and successful partnership between you and the staff at Lincoln Castle Academy.

Mrs C Grant,

Head of Year 7 and Transition

What Students Say

“The best place to be is Lincoln Castle Academy, there are so many opportunities that you can't miss.”
KellyYear 7
“LCA is a great school, everybody is very nice.”
CameronYear 7
“The school has a lot of students, but don't be scared they are always there for you.”
RubyYear 7

What Parents Say

"As a parent it is so comforting to know that my child has fantastic people that not only teach her but are also people she can look up to, people that will mentor her and guide her in other ways, not just in her academic studies"
Year 7 ParentYear 7

Year 7 News

By LCA Website Admin | 23/06/17 3:48 pm | News, Rewards, Sixth Form, Trips, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

ACADEMY NEWS (2017, Term 5)

Here’s the first edition of our new “Academy News” newsletter, featuring news, photo galleries, events and much more!...
By LCA Website Admin | 16/06/17 11:58 am | News, Sixth Form, Year 10, Year 11, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

LCA Sports Day

We were blessed with great weather for the whole day: warm, sunny and just a stiff breeze down the back straight! The athletic festivities...
By LCA Website Admin | 15/06/17 5:51 pm | Houses, News, Sixth Form, Sports, Year 10, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

Slam Jam Success!

On Wednesday 17th May, Faith Croft (Year 7), Michael Howell and Cas Potterton (Year 11) competed at the annual poetry Slam Jam semi-finals at...
By LCA Website Admin | 23/05/17 12:35 pm | English, News, Year 11, Year 7

Talent Shines at Music Showcase

The Music Showcase 2017 was another spectacular display of our incredibly talented students. The event was judged by former LCA student Rebecca Moore (now...
By LCA Website Admin | 10/05/17 11:16 am | Music, Music Event, Sixth Form, Year 10, Year 11, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

LCA Choristers’ Dutch Tour

On Thursday 20th April, members of the Lincoln Cathedral choir went on a tour of Holland to promote the choir and to perform in...
By LCA Website Admin | 08/05/17 9:36 am | Music, Trips, Year 7

Paris Trip 2017

After an early start, the bus was laden with cases, drinks and 75 people; we said our goodbyes and set off for the sunnier...
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Do You Value Education?

On Monday, Mr Davison gave an assembly to year 7 students... Do you really value education? Would you walk three miles / five kilometres...
By LCA Website Admin | 30/03/17 9:23 am | Headteacher's Blog, News, Sixth Form, Year 10, Year 11, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9

Year 7 Letters

Letter, Year 7

LCA Newsletter - 2017 Term 5
Sports Day Letter
Headteacher's Letter to Parents, May 2017
London Trip Letter
Healthcare Plan Letter
Music Showcase Letter
Lincolnshire Show Letter
Year 7 PCE Letter
Headteacher's Letter March 2017
LCAMAC Cycling Trip

Year 7 Curriculum

Curriculum, Year 7

Curriculum Guide: Year 7

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    Our Ethos and Values

    At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

    Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence

    The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship

    Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition