Year 10

Mr C Wilson

Head of Year 10

Mr N Wallace

10 Celt

Mrs R Severein

10 Norman

Mr B Barker

10 Roman

Mr M Snee

10 Saxon

Miss K Forster

10 Viking

Welcome to Year 10

I would like to offer a very warm welcome to you as you enter Year 10. I am immensely proud to be your Head of Year and enthusiastic about the year ahead.  Having chosen your own options and pathways for the next two years, I am looking forward to seeing you achieve and exceed your target grades. The next two years are paving the way towards your futures and are the most important steps for your future successes and careers. I will be there every step of the way pushing you on and helping you to be your best self; but most of all I want you to ENJOY the next two years.

I expect every student in Year 10 to be ready to learn; this includes bringing writing equipment, your passport, your exercise books and textbooks and a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. You will need to be organised and our expectation is that you will be able to plan for each school day and arrive with your homework completed. I expect you to be on time because tutor time is so important in setting the scene for the day and giving you vital messages so that you know what is going on during the day ahead.  Tutor time is also a time to celebrate your House group and learn about team work and working towards a common goal.

I expect you take pride in your appearance as you are an ambassador for Lincoln Castle Academy both inside and outside of school, on your way to and from school and when you represent our Academy in any extracurricular activities. You are a part of the local community and you are expected to represent yourself and our Academy in a positive manner. You need to ensure that your communication is respectful of others.

Over the next two years I will champion your successes and reward you when you have done well; I will be there if things are not going quite as you expected them to and if you need a little extra help; I will be on your side as long as you fulfil all of The LCA Charter standards of attitude and behaviour. 

I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Mr C Wilson,

Head of Year 10

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