World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day, our Year 7 students have been taking part in literary activities - as well as just reading.

The students were able to draw a new book cover and start the book inside, word searches, colouring, dressing up in book based characters, memory game clues tied into books for the students to guess.

The purpose of the activities has been to encourage active reading for leisure and enjoyment, not solely using books as a source of information.

Mr Whenman said,

In an age dominated by IT, we believe literature is still an art; it has a form of beauty we can fall in love with, an imagination and a sense of magic in a story and we can empathise with characters and their adventures.

Through reading we can learn the skill of researching for information, and the "new" skill of deciding what is real and what is fake news. We can read a story or we can read between the lines. We can extract information, decoding the meanings of the words, or decoding the meanings of whole phrases. We can learn to create characters, expanding our imaginations.

It took the imaginations of many people to put man on the moon; it took imagination for people to invent  the telephone, the vacuum cleaner, or a method to build a circuit used in a tablet or a printer or a TV screen. It takes imagination and the art of poetry to create lyrics in a song, or the flow of music within an album. It takes communication, clear words and instructions for a sports team to play effectively on the field and reading can give someone the self esteem to stand up in-front of a crowd and give a speech.

We get a sense of accomplishment when we finish reading a book, and there's always a sense of wonder which encourages us to pick up the next book in a series.

Reading is a shared activity, yet even if we read alone, there's a shared sense of wonder.

In the final lesson of the day, some volunteering Sixth Form students were reading to those students who would like to listen.

George, 7 Vikings, was dressed as Hagrid from Harry Potter, saying he'd been inspired by Hagrid's family values and how he cared for the dragons and other magical beasts.

Josh, 7 Norman Bayeaux, said he was interested in reading Horrid Henry books because they were interesting and funny. He added,

At the end of a book I still want to know more so I'll read another one, in a quest to find out.

Wiktoria, 7 Norman Hadrada, said,

I'm reading about a girl called Amelia. Her granddad has gone missing and so far she's found his boat, but as yet, she's not found him. I'm hoping she finds him alive and well, and perhaps he's found a secret stash of treasure!

Wesley, 7 Norman Hadrada, had just won some Milky Way Lucky Stars and a fridge magnet: the competition was to find twenty people and write their names with their favourite books. Adding to his twenty, he said,

My favourite is the Pokémon Encyclopaedia. It tells me all about Pokémon and their great, imaginative world!

Elisha, 7 Romans, has been reading Midnight Gang by David Walliams,

It's an awesome book and I was first attracted to it by such a brilliant cover. It's a really interesting story, and I'm constantly intrigued to read more. I wish I was one of the characters, following the same adventure. My favourite character is Amy, the boss, though I feel a bit sorry for her.

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