School Uniform


  • Lincoln Castle Academy Blue blazer with crest
  • Lincoln Castle Academy tie
  • Light blue buttoned shirt with collar (long or short sleeve)
  • Charcoal Grey (dark grey) trousers / knee length skirt - school style
  • Black flat shoes / plain black boots (professional / business style, not trainers / plimsolls)
  • Plain grey / black socks / tights
  • Grey v-neck jumper with blue lined neck (optional)
  • Grey v-neck sleeveless jumper with blue lined neck (optional)
  • Plain navy blue or black jacket or coat (style should be neutral with minimal logos)


  • Single stud for pierced ears in the lower ear lobe (one in each ear lobe is the maximum)
  • Wristwatch
  • Minimal make-up & hair accessories
  • No extreme hair styles or hair colours


  • Blue or black bag – large enough to take books, pen, pencil, ruler calculator, eraser

Games and PE Kit

The following items are essential in order to participate fully, safely and hygienically in PE lessons:

Compulsory Items

  • Navy blue LCA collared t-shirt
  • Navy / sky blue shorts
  • Navy blue knee length Sports Socks
  • White ankle / trainer socks (summer term only)
  • Trainers (plimsolls / pumps are unsuitable)
  • Black/Navy Blue Swimming Costume / shorts
  • Large Towel

Additional Items

  • Navy blue plain tracksuit bottoms
  • Black / navy base layer undergarment (available online)
  • Long sleeved sky blue & navy rugby top
  • Long sleeved sky blue & navy training top
  • Navy / sky blue skorts (skirt with cycling shorts lining)
  • Navy /Sky Varsity Hoodie – Optional outdoor top for PE  (additional to the compulsory Rugby Shirt for all students)
  • Navy Pro Leggings – Optional, advice to parents is can be bought anywhere, no logo’s and if not ours must be of same thickness (if in doubt check with school).
  • Navy Base Layer Top – Optional, long sleeve to be worn underneath the PE Polo top, any navy t shirt without logo’s would be acceptable.

The uniform is designed to be comfortable and appropriate to the world of work. Confrontation over uniform violation causes unnecessary friction between staff, students and parents. Parents and carers' support is invaluable in maintaining high standards.

If you are unsure regarding the Academy uniform requirements, please contact the Academy direct for a definitive description.

Uniform can be purchased from:

Uniform Direct

333 High Street, Lincoln  LN5 7DQ  &  Dixon Way, Lincoln  LN6 7XN


Our Ethos and Values

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence

The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship

Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition