Target Setting

Target Setting

An essential part of improving achievement is to agree targets with each pupil that are aspirational.

We believe that education is about acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and exploring ideas and attitudes, and targets will be agreed for academic attainment, social and personal development, attendance and behaviour. Pupils will be part of the target setting process and will be helped to understand what they need to do to achieve them.

Targets and progress being made towards them will be discussed regularly with pupils and their parents. Attainment targets will be based on the prior attainment of each pupil (KS2 SATs results) and are focussed on 4 levels of progress (School Target) with the 3 levels of progress (Minimum Target) also being available. CATs results will allow staff an awareness of the all-round ability of a student and are used if no data is available for the student upon arrival. At KS5, Average Points Score at KS4 will inform aspirational targets using ALPS to inform a target for each subject.

Every student at Lincoln Castle Academy has the very best possible opportunity to achieve success. Our staff are committed to engaging all our students in their learning, by working together to provide an outstanding and inspirational learning environment.

We have clear and high expectations of all our students and our aim is to enable students to enjoy and be excited by the learning opportunities available here. At Key Stage 3, we follow the National Curriculum with many cross curricular opportunities to enhance student learning. Alongside this, there is an increased emphasis on literacy and numeracy which ensures all students are well equipped for their Key Stage 4 learning programme. At Key Stage 4, we offer a variety of GCSE courses alongside the core curriculum. We also have a successful applied learning pathway which includes opportunities to follow courses in a wide variety of work related sectors. All students are given the option to study the subjects required for the English Baccalaureate.

Assessment information is regularly sent home, outlining how each student is performing in relation to their targets for each subject. As well as attainment, parents / carers are able to see how well their child is applying themselves to their studies through the ATL (Attitude to Learning) grade. Each year Parents’ Consultation Evenings take place, providing an opportunity for students, parents and staff to review progress and targets. Our Heads of Year promote good working relationships between the Academy and welcome parents’ / carers’ involvement. The Consultation Evening dates can be found on the main calendar and via the individual year group pages.

Our Ethos and Values

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence
The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship
Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition