Slam Star Auditions

Ash Dickinson (a performance poet) came to Lincoln Castle Academy today to perform at and judge in the Year 7 heats of the 2018 Slam Star competition. We also welcomed Troy Andrews to both the Year 7 and Year 8 heats. He judged at both and performed after the Year 8 heats. He has performed at the Slam Jam Finals in the past and is now studying English and Creative Writing.

As well as performing in-front of their peers - which in itself is to be applauded - some of the students have also written of their experiences:

We did it for a bit of fun! We felt nervous and excited during the performance but we also felt amused. Afterwards I felt so much better. We both enjoyed it and would do it again.

Stefan and Zack, Year 7

We performed our poem because we thought it would be a fun experience. Afterwards we were quite relieved that we could go onto the stage and perform. We were nervous during our performance as we didn't know what the audience would think of us.

It was a bit scary before we stood up too, as we hadn't done anything like this before. We really liked the experience as a whole as it can take us further in life. I liked that we did it together.

Lucy and Charley, Year 7

I performed my own poem on the stage. When I was on the stage I felt nerves kicking in and my stomach starting to churn. Afterwards, I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was happy with my feedback. Ash said I used a very mature technique and my poem rhymed effortlessly. I loved it!

I want to write more poems because it's a journey and a thrill.

Faith, Year 7

I have enjoyed all the poems but Deacon's was the best because it was crazy and he really showed his personality. They were all really brave, accepted the comments and didn't let anything knock them down!

Paige, Year 7

I really enjoyed all of the poems. my favourite was probably Deacon's or Zack's poems because they are both so crazy and out of the box. I couldn't do it myself! I would like to congratulate the people who went after Deacon and Zack for not being intimidated or thinking they couldn't do so well.

Hayden, Year 7

I enjoyed it: the best bit was Deacon's poem. It was about memes and was funny.

Enya, Year 7

I enjoyed it! The best bit was Deacon's poem about memes. I wouldn't want to perform myself though!

Krystian, Year 7

I thought that everyone’s performance was very good and inspiring. They spoke loudly and clear and whatever was said made me think a lot.

Savannah, Year 8

I thought that Ellie-Marie, Amelia and Sonia used the space well and had clear voices. They were funny and their poem had good rhymes

Wesley was funny too, and I like the way he used hand gestures to mimic his words

I think the Slam Star audition was good because it can build people’s confidence.

Emily, Year 8

I think the Slam Star was a great opportunity for people to get their emotions and thoughts onto paper and talk about them. I’d imagine performing could be quite scary.

In my opinion Ashleigh and Tegan did well because they knew their lines and changed their voices when imitating. I also think that Wesley did well because he talked about something personal to him and Sonia, Ellie and Amelia did well because their piece was like a conversation between them.

Aimee, Year 8

I think the people who performed were very brave and did really well. The performances which I enjoyed were funny and also interesting. Wesley’s was my favourite as it made me laugh a lot. I would like it if advanced to the final because he was really focused and his acting was good.

I also liked Aimee’s poem because she was talking about how society can make you feel and she kept her focus at towards the end. Tegan and Ashleigh should also go into the final because their focus was very good and I liked their acting.

Leah, Year 8



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