Sixth Form Scientists Deliver Christmas Lectures

Friday 15th December saw the third annual Lincoln Castle Academy Science Lectures - an idea inspired by the Royal Society Christmas lectures which have now been running successfully for well over one hundred years.

Our students prepared and presented lectures on a scientific topic of their choice and a selection of 10 were chosen to present to a public audience on Friday night.

"I hope you will be inspired by talks to do with how the world began, how science is changing lives with up to the minute research in genetics and a little bit of the weird and wonderful for you to judge yourself. We hope that this evening and the work that has gone into it will prepare our students for the world of university.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce our finalists..."

Grayson Thiele

Black holes

Jack Kitchen

The Deep

Leia Pike

Animal communication

Josh Borman

Usain Bolt - what makes him so great?

Karmen Tatisheva

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Chloe Vause

Gene Therapy

Greg Hancock

Alien Hand Syndrome

Beth Thorpe

The Science behind Post Mortem

Teah Kenny

The Body Transplant?!

George Coupland


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