The LCA Reward System

Lincoln Castle Academy's bespoke reward system instils pride, rewards success and challenges under-performance. Students are given ambitious targets to work towards at the beginning of the academic year and these are reviewed termly. Students earn 'Castle CAPs' for: Contribution, Attitude & Performance. We seize all opportunities to praise and reward. Every 6 weeks, we reinforce the importance of 'being your best self' with our 'Rewards Week', an opportunity to celebrate the wealth of success evident across the school. Rewards complement our school values, providing a balance of traditional events alongside innovative enrichment opportunities. We operate a staged system with students working towards the bronze, silver or gold standard. The criteria to reach any of the standards each term is informed by:

  • Attendance
  • Attitude to learning grades
  • Progress
  • Improved performance
  • Number of Castle CAPs earned across the term

Improve and Encourage Educational Enthusiasm!

The rewards tie in to the ARR cycles, when six times yearly parents receive progress reports; as such, reward assemblies tie into this same timetable. Each time a student achieves one of the standards, they will receive a certificate, and if this standard is reached three times in an academic year, the student will receive their bronze, silver or gold badge. During each assembly certificates and badges are awarded, and moreover, three times yearly students are rewarded further during reward week.

Castle CAPs

Teachers may award Castle CAPs at any stage during the school day or week, but will usually be awarded in lesson time. CAPs will be awarded for demonstrating the following:

  • C - Contribution; this could be towards a peer in the class, the lesson in class discussion, or after school at a open evening- anything that goes above and beyond and is worthy of recognition.
  • A - Attitude; a student not only displays a positive attitude within the lesson, but demonstrates a willingness to set an example through their behaviours, regularly answers questions and so on. As such, they are the model within the class, oozing positivity.
  • P - Performance; a student applies their skills and effort to produce a piece of work that is either exemplary within the class, and/ or outstanding compared to their expected target (not excluding those that may have 'turned a corner' after a period of poor performance).

Reward Boards / Year group ‘Wall of Fame’

Pictures taken immediately after the reward assembly are printed and displayed in year areas on a specific ‘reward board’ whereby everyone can see who has achieved for that ARR cycle. The pictures are taken on the Praise Podium to highlight which stage each student has achieved. This board is then updated each cycle with fresh pictures, with the recipients from last cycle able to take their picture home.

2016 - 2017 ARR cycle pages will be added throughout the year, and will be advertised within the website as well as via social media.

Wall of Fame

We hope to place an honours board in east hall which will ensure consistency between year groups and the whole school, allowing students to link success throughout the year with "the bigger picture". The aim is to create something students will aspire to, which is a permanent lasting record of those students who have performed at the highest level. Students who achieve the "Gold Standard" five times in an academic year will have their names added to this board.

The Praise Pod

This is a new scheme where students (having completed exceptionally good work) are invited to visit The Praise Pod. Think of the Big Brother's Diary Room!

The Praise Pod is aimed initially at Year 7 and Year 8 students.

The Praise Pod is an addition to the awarding of Castle CAPs, and is awarded to those students where their teacher feels they have performed in an exemplary manner during lesson time. Teachers will award a Praise Pod slip which is taken to the Praise Pod where the student will be interviewed. The Praise Pod is operated by sixth form students, who will discuss with the student being rewarded why they have been sent there. The interview is recorded to a DVD which is immediately printed, and can be taken home to share with family and friends.

Our Ethos and Values

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence

The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship

Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition