Congratulations to Year 11 and Year 13 students.

You have shown great resilience and determination as you have approached challenging exams. For Year 11, you are now half way through and it is therefore important to take time to have some much needed rest. But do so with a plan. All too frequently, we convince ourselves that another day's rest won't hurt, so I urge you to be aware of the dangers of complacency. Accept that the half way point can bring its own challenges - some people find this is when their energy falls and they feel their motivation slump. Others acknowledge this feeling and choose to redouble their efforts, instead moving up a gear. As with so much in life, being honest with yourself and demanding more of yourself will get results. When we pause to rest, the hardest part is gathering momentum again but you can and will do it. Make a plan and commit.

On Thursday the entire school community stood together in the sunshine to think of those affected by the Manchester bombing. Without a doubt Lincoln Castle Academy is a friendly school - this is one of the first things visitors comment on. We like to be here and it shows. But this week an even greater warmth has been apparent. This week staff and students alike have unconsciously smiled more broadly, enquired how others are with greater frequency and greeted each other with added enthusiasm. It's struck me how in the darkest of times humans instinctively know what we need most of all is kindness. When our understanding of the world is shaken, small kindnesses go some way to restoring our faith in the decency of human beings. This week students and staff have reminded us that kindness, compassion and understanding are much more powerful forces than any other. Collectively, our school community has built the momentum to make us all feel hopeful again. I'm proud to lead a school community capable of this; full of decent, kind human beings brimming with the potential to shape our society.

Enjoy the break, be kind to each other and we look forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 5th June.

Mrs L Laming

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