Luke Staton Visits LCA Year 11

We would like to welcome Luke Staton who will be working with students in Year 9, 10 and 11 this academic year...

This is Luke's story....

This was the night all my dreams came true, my debut from Bolton Wanderers Football Club, I was 19 and the crowd was singing my name. I remember how proud my mum and dad were after the game. The next day the manager resigned and I was made redundant! It was the BEST thing that happened to me, although I thought my life was over at the time!

It made me develop real character, I had no money, no home and no handouts, I was carrying bricks to earn minimum wages in the freezing cold.
ANYONE can bounce back and achieve “their” greatness….. it’s simple.

It’s just a mind-set. When you have nowhere to go, you have to make it happen!

We are looking forward to Luke working with students in developing their personal identity, qualities, attributes, values and beliefs.

  • Develop resilience and provide skills and strategies to adopt when faced with change or challenging situations.
  • Trigger intrinsic motivation and energy to encourage students to work hard and achieve personal life goals
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