LCA Sports Day

We were blessed with great weather for the whole day: warm, sunny and just a stiff breeze down the back straight! The athletic festivities started at 10am with the unique LCA 10x10 relay - 50 runners representing the five houses, each running a quick-fire 10 metres - sometimes it took longer to hand over the baton than run the leg!

The 800m, 300/400m races continued, and throughout the day field events were held, with students competing in long jump, triple jump, standing high jump, shot and javelin.

The highlight of the day was a brand new event, the not-quite World Famous LCA continuous relay! This was a stunning mass participation event where students could compete directly against staff; all they had to do was complete laps of the track! With just over 400m per lap (keeping to Lane 7 to avoid other events) students and staff alike were keen to rack up some miles! The staff started most enthusiastically, but once the students caught on that they could run in groups, their tallies rocketed up. By the end of the day the totals were announced, and were really quite amazing!

STAFF: 153 laps (about 40 miles)

STUDENTS: 962 laps (about 250 miles!)

Congratulations to everyone who ran, walked, jumped or skipped laps throughout the day! Special mention to Shane in Year 7 who clocked up a stunning 43 laps!

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