LCA Celebrates STEM

Staff and students have been celebrating STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with trips, enjoyable classes and even through play at home!

In a trip to the Lincolnshire Showground, 25 Year 8 Design Technology students had a fun day out learning about the varied trades associated with the construction industry. They had a go at surveying, learnt about health and safety, got involved in team building events and the most exciting activity was having a go on the JCB diggers. Well done to all of the students. We would particularly like to mention Wesley Higson who received a prize from the organisers for being the most involved student in our group.

Alfie Daly, also in Year 8, brought into school a model car he had constructed out of Lego: he had worked on the Porsche car every night for a week. It has a fully working gear box and steering system. As a future engineer, will he soon be building a full size one?

October 10th is regarded in the STEM community as Ada Lovelace Day: an international celebration of women in STEM. It wasn’t hard to find plenty of girls in school enjoying learning in science, engineering and maths classes!

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