GCSE Results Success

Students from Year 11 returned to collect their GCSE results today, showing mixed emotions - some keen, some really quite nervous! Many were happy to share their thoughts and feelings:

Jamie Cole, 16 and a former pupil of Westgate Academy, was “overwhelmed” when he saw his results this morning, gaining Grade 6s in English and Maths and Bs in Core and Additional Science.

Sasha Daniels, 16 and a former pupil of Chad Varah Primary School said:

“I didn’t think that I had performed well during the exams. They were quite tough but that inspired me to keep revising. Afterwards I was relieved to finish them! I’ve spent the summer doing NCS which was thoroughly awesome and I’ve made loads of new friends through the scheme.

I wasn’t overly concerned about my grades before coming in today and collected the envelope with an open mind. My first emotion was shock, but I’m really happy! I’m really proud of myself and I think I’ve done better than my big brothers! I hope to be the first person in my family to go to university, and would like to train to be a paramedic after that. I would like to thank all the staff, including my Head of Year, Mr Jones”.

Heather Bull, 16 and from Gainsborough, attended the Lea Francis Olive Anderson Primary School. She gained a good set of results, including an A in Music and Grade 6s in English and Maths.

“I was just nervous before collecting my results, but now I’m relieved. I needed good passes for my A-Level choices so I’m really happy to not have to change my plans! I thought it was quite tough having to memorise so much but I’ve been surprised how well I could do when I put my mind to it. I’m especially grateful to all the staff at Lincoln Castle Academy for their excellent support”.

Cas Potterton gained an excellent set of results, including As in English and Maths and Core Science. He said:

“I was tired of waiting and initially terrified but that changed to relief and happiness. I was especially pleased with my English, Maths and Science grades, so a big thank you to those teachers for their support. Before the Biology exam I concentrated on one particular topic and it came up as a major question, so I was really pleased to have done well there! Although I’ll be leaving Lincoln Castle Academy to concentrate on Performing Arts I’ll be sad to miss such good teachers”.

Josh Borman, 16 and formerly from St Faith and St Martin Primary School, was one of the first to collect his results,

“I struggled to sleep last night as the anticipation was really high but I was encouraged by family to come in. Once I saw my results I was overjoyed and realised all the hard work had really paid off. They were much better than I thought!

I enjoyed being challenged by topics and encouraged to work hard by teachers and also by my classmates to do work hard and do well”.

Katie Smith, 16 and from Marton village, attended the Scampton C of E Primary School. She gained a grade 7 in Maths, grade 6 in English and an A in French, among some other very good grades. She was “satisfied” with her results, but also added:

“I would like to thank all my teachers and family and friends for all their support”.

Kiya Wood, 16, attended several primary school, including in Cyprus, but performed brilliantly when it counted gaining an A* in RE, grade 6s in English and Maths and several B grades.

“I was shaking when I collect my results as I was so nervous. I thought I struggled in some of the maths and science topics but did well enough that I can continue in the Sixth Form in my chosen subjects. I would like to then apply to the Royal Navy to be a Warfare Officer. I’m very happy with my results and I’m thankful to all the teachers for their support”.

Charlie Webbe, 16 and formerly from the Ermine Primary School, also hopes to join the Royal Navy, as a pilot,

“My first emotions were mixed as I opened the results envelope but then I realised I had gained 5 C grades”.

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