Introducing Fr Ruben…

Lincoln Castle Academy is now fortunate to have an extra helper in school.  Fr Ruben is a very interesting character with lots of skills and experience.

He will be attending school on two half days as a presence for students (mentoring/ counselling/ reading/ supporting students) and, he will be a listening ear for staff.  There is no religious agenda here – he simply hopes to support the life of the school in any way he can.

In addition to his chaplaincy, he also brings subject knowledge.  He speaks French, German and Italian and was previously a teacher of Biology.  We might also ask him to take part in or lead debates around science and religion, either across year groups or for specific sixth form discussion groups.

In his own words,

My name is Fr Ruben and I am a new curate in the Parish of St John the Baptist, Lincoln. Before becoming a priest, I was a secondary school teacher, teaching science in Lancashire. I was born in Rome, but in my life I have lived in Switzerland, in America, and now I have been in England for quite a few years, first in Manchester and then in Cambridge.

In my previous job as curate, I have worked extensively with local schools, both by offering pastoral support to pupils and staff, and also by helping with the delivery of the PSHE curriculum. I enjoy working with children in schools and find this a rewarding side of ministry. I am passionate about shaping the children’s formative years by being a positive role model for them. Through my work, I hope to help equip children with strong foundations, and to be an influence in their preparation for adult life. I am looking forward to working with the people of Ermine in this way.

In my spare time, I play the violin and I like reading and playing chess. I am married and have two small children.


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