Expect more; achieve more…

At the start of this academic year I write to welcome back all our students and staff; we’re already 4 weeks into the academic year and September is proving to be as industrious and focused as ever.  LCA students were even more involved in Open Evening last week,  running the event with Ambassadors and Prefects, led by Head Boy, Jack Stanton and Head Girl Shania Wilson, welcoming our many visitors and leading tours. We also marked the new academic year by coming together in our first Whole School Assembly, featuring some wonderful performances of Divenire (Ludovico Einaudi) by Ethan Thiele and The A Team (Ed Sheeran) by Abigail Annis and Joshua Borman. Attendance awards also saw Chloe Phillips and Daniel Toyne receive a bike each to recognise exemplary attendance.

This term has seen the launch of our revised Code of Conduct and whilst there is inevitably a period of readjustment for all, we have been delighted with the students’ response.  This system is unique to LCA and underpinned by a number of important principles:

  • A commitment to rewarding students for excellent contribution, attitude and performance
  • An understanding that we are educating the ‘whole child’ and that this includes developing self-discipline, organisation and respect
  • Where possible, the use of ‘take up time’, to allow students’ time to make a better choice and avoid a consequence
  • When consequences are given, a commitment to restorative practice: putting it right and moving on
  • A ‘clean slate’ each week for students to accrue reward points and achieve their best

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for supporting us during the launch of the new system. All the evidence tells us that if we expect more of your child, they will achieve more.  It is from that principle that we have made improvements.  The picture has been overwhelmingly positive with 7562 reward points given out in only 20 school days!  Thank you also for supporting academy sanctions, we anticipate the majority of students will avoid a further after-school detention now that they know this is non-negotiable.  Parents have been crucial to the success of this; your support is appreciated.

At this early stage in the academic year, 765 students already have reward points and the list below details the top performers in each year group.  This week, these students have been awarded a Headteacher Commendation having made an exemplary start to the academic year.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Beau Scott

Lucy Bywater

Victoria Luzna


Jack Ashcroft-Day

Melena Wakefield

Ellie-Marie McLellan

Ross Butcher

Sasha Griffin

Amelia Chakur

Casey Dixon

Amie-Rose Wiles

Adil Aziz

Abigail Biggs

Agne Viliusyte

Ethan Wiles

Ryan Farrow

Ethan Thiele

Thea Kennedy

Owen Withers

Rose-Marie Halward

Katie Scurr

Alissa Beedham

Olivia Ormsby

Blake Metcalfe

Mrs Louise Laming


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