Exam Results

2016 Performance Tables

Owing to an administrative error, 20% Lincoln Castle Academy’s Year 11 students' GCSE Maths results were not recorded in national data. This means that the published data – online and in the media – is incorrect for Lincoln Castle Academy. It is important to note that the headline data, particularly for the key Progress 8 measure, was considerably better than published data.

We are delighted that the Department for Education has confirmed this will be amended and accurate by March 2017 on all online published data.

Actual data for Lincoln Castle Academy is as follows:

Progress 8 score  -0.23
Attainment 8 score 43.68
Basics 38%
English Baccalaureate 5%
Students continuing in education/training 98%

2015 Results

KS 4 Exam Results
5 A*-C inc. E&M 45%
Expected progress in English
More than expected progress in English
Expected progress in Maths
More than expected progress in Maths
Ebacc 10%
KS5 Exam Results
Above academic aps score of 172 87%
Above average points score of 194 69%


Our Ethos and Values

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we value:

Hard work, perseverance and academic excellence

The development of character, compassion and responsible citizenship

Ourselves, each other and boundless ambition