Ermine Primary’s Science Week

Year 4 pupils from Ermine Primary Academy joined staff from LCA for a very special science class, learning about sound.

They studied several topics, including:

  • establishing that sound vibrates by dipping tuning forks into water
  • testing hearing ranges of humans and animals
  • investigating how humans and different types of animals respond to different sound frequencies
  • creating test tube pan pipes
  • making ear defenders
  • using a jigsaw to discover different parts of the ear
  • using i-pads to investigate sounds.

"It was great to learn about the movement of water particles as the sound vibrates."

said one of the boys.

In the afternoon, Year 2 pupils studies food chains, where they:

  • examined different skulls to differentiate herbivores, carnivores and omnivores
  • used i-pads to investigate food chains
  • held an "energy race" using water (held in cups with holes in) to measure energy flow through the food chain
  • pieced together jigsaws showing pictures of different types of food consumers
  • did some colouring in.

"We loved looking at the skulls. One of them was a bit scary as it looked dirty but it was alright as it was just muddy."

one pupil said.

"It was phenomenal to see the ability of these pupils and how very keen they were, just so very eager to learn about new topics"

Miss Styles

The lessons were held at LCA where we have dedicated science labs, and the activities worked as part of the EPA stretch and challenge lessons with LCA supporting the curriculum. We would like to thank Mrs Edwards and Mr Firby, our Science technicians for their really useful help in setting up these activities!

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