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As Deputy Head Boy and Girl we would like to end the year with a short blog to illustrate the vast number of activities which have occurred over the year.

Our role in Lincoln Castle Academy is to be approachable role models helping younger students and to help develop our academy as a friendly community for all. Many events take place with the academy coming together working as a huge team, creating an exciting experience for students and visitors alike.

2017 has been a thrilling and exciting year; students have participated in many events and activities allowing them to develop their learning and skills, including open evenings, workshops, enrichment activities and educational visits. These have enabled them to broaden their academic, social and extra-curricular skills.

As summer examinations fast approach, the Year 11s are preparing using many resources and workshops, enabling them to gain confidence and get the best possible preparation. They recently completed their mock exams allowing them to simulate the real examinations in the summer; this enables them as individuals to identify areas of improvement, to progress their current subject knowledge. Also the Year 11s have been part of a conference allowing them to gain knowledge on how to make this academic year effective for their future. This conference saw many Heads of Department discussing with their students on how their subject is going to run effectively for them to achieve their best grades.

Last week the school presented several students from each year group certificates to appreciate their successes, great attitude to learning, academic grades and attendance. These were presented by two returning alumni, Abbie Hicks and Abbie Proctor, who are currently at the University of Leeds. Congratulations to all involved with the achievements, let’s hope you continue to be your best selves!

This year saw the third fully subscribed Year 7 cohort, enabling the student population to be its highest in LCA history. With 170 students just in Year 7, they are a huge part of our academy. Not wishing to pause before settling in, they have been involved in a huge number of different activities and events allowing them to enhance individual and team qualities. Just last week, they completed the Anglian Water challenge, where students, while working in groups, had to complete a tasks simulating how the water provider distributes its water globally, testing the students on their mathematical knowledge.

This year has been very exciting and upbeat with so much going on, with hope for an even better year to follow.

We hope that you have a Merry Christmas and an exciting 2018.

Charlie, Kiya

Deputy Head Boy (Charlie Webbe) and Deputy Head Girl (Kiya Wood)

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